PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A northeast Portland woman wants to help other residents prepare for the ‘Big One’.

Marilyn Bishop is launching a business designed to give people everything they might need in the wake of any earthquake. She says she is launching the business after realizing how difficult it is to put together a kit.

Bishop says the number of items people need to have is overwhelming, and many times, she’d start getting some things together, but couldn’t check everything off the list.

She found many other people in similar situations, so she decided to launch Cascadia Quake Kits, a one-stop shop for community members who want to be prepared.

In her backyard garage, Bishop is equipped with a stockpile of survival tools.

"This is HQ, where all of the kits are built, where we store the myriad of items that go in each kit," Bishop said, referencing the kits in her garage.

"I knew that people needed help with this and I decided that someone needs to step in and create a two-week kit that's specifically designed for the needs of the Pacific Northwest," Bishop said.

It's a grassroots business she launched in 2017.

She offers various sizes for two-week kits in the wake of an earthquake here in the Pacific Northwest, with all kinds of essentials, like a toilet twin bucket system, gas and water shutoff tools, and a radio.

"It's organized and divided up into different sections. We have warmth and light over on this side so there's everything from emergency sleeping bags to lanterns, emergency blankets," she said.

She says her neighbors are often talking about how to prepare for the 'Big One' and her home business launched out of a desire to help the community from one family to another.

"When I design the kit I think about, like my final question is always is this, ‘what I would want my family to have in the kit?’" Bishop said.

So, what do you need for your two-week kit? Here's what the Oregon Office of Emergency Management says you should have:

  • Flashlight
  • Radio
  • First-aid kit
  • All-purpose tool
  • Sanitation/personal hygiene items (toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste)
  • Cash
  • Gloves, duct tape
  • Copies of important papers
  • Food (high-protein items such as nuts, tuna, peanut butter and grains such as rice or beans); include salt/pepper, spices
  • Water (recommend 1 gallon per person per day; obviously, this won't fit all in one kit, so consider some bottled water and a filter straw or other water purification item)
  • Buckets and trash bags to create a sanitation system
  • Be sure to have blanket(s)/sleeping bags and a change of clothes for all family members

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Lee Smith

I wish her luck but we had an emergency preparedness shop over on NE Gleason that had among other things canned butter, canned bacon but they closed up they are on FaceBook but just as an info page.

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