PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Three people were arrested and more arrests are possible after a small demonstration in downtown Portland, according to police.

The demonstration began late Saturday morning at Lownsdale Square Park.

Some demonstrators arrived at the park wearing all black, and some had weapons, including bats and pepper spray, according to officers.

According to police, the demonstration was a counter-rally to another previously planned demonstration at the Multnomah County Courthouse. That demonstration was later canceled.  

The counter-rally on Saturday started peacefully but escalated after some people in the group began acting in a violent, threatening manner against attendees who were recording the rally and taking photos of it.

Some people used metal-tipped umbrellas to jab others and chase them down the street, and objects, including rocks, concrete, batons, cans, and food, were thrown at community members and police.

Police say at least two flammable devices, believed to be flares, were thrown into nearby traffic. There was also vandalism, including spray paint on walls and a war memorial. 

Police say one vandalism suspect was arrested after a short pursuit on foot. Another vandalism suspect is at large, according to police.

Law enforcement asks anyone who has knowledge of the unknown suspect's identity, or more photos of this or any crimes that took place during this event, to email the information to crimetips@portlandoregon.gov.

Police say that during the demonstration, which lasted about four hours, a pedestrian was hit by a car and transported to a hospital with a non-life-threatening injury. The driver remained on scene and cooperated with investigators.

Firefighters during the demonstration treated three people for exposure to pepper spray.

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(33) comments


One would expect to hear something, at least from our Mayor deriding and clearly in no uncertain terms, letting Antifa know that as an alt left organization, their actions were illegal and in future cases will be dealt with as they should be, being put in jail.

But previous clashes have only received a limp response of, “violence will not be permitted in our town” or “this doesn’t represent who we are”. Those responses only occurred when Antifa countered an alt right group such as Proud Boys. But here we have Antifa all to themselves, doing what they do best, destruction, violence, tagging public property and City Hall is silent! Come on Mayor, speak up! Portland deserves better than what you're giving us


Cowards, who NEVER go one on one. They hide their faces because they KNOW that they are weak. They are urban terrorist want-abees that live in their grandmother's basements. The Mayor, the last police chief and the new one all pander to them because they are the new communist left and socialism is a goal in Portland. The Oregon News outlets are just as or worse than these immature punks. Sad, Oregon used to be brave, a nice place to raise a family and somewhere to be proud of.




All pampered elitist kids. Take a look at those uniforms - they aren't off the Goodwill rack:)


"Some demonstrators arrived at the park wearing all black, and some had weapons, including bats and pepper spray, according to officers." This is the Fox12 equivalent of saying "some people did something on 9/11". Why aren't these anarchist thugs, aka Antifa, named in this article?


Antifa are domestic terrorists, and are morphing into wannabe killers. It's time to pull the plug on all of them, and have them declared for what they are as a group "ANTIFA' and arrest them, give them each 20 years, or take away their American citizenship (as they obviously hate America anyway), deport them and ban them from re-entering on pain of death. Let's stop them once and for all!


Wake up Multnomah County, the Antifa are just outright criminals who destroy everything nice in Portland, it’s past time to treat them as the absolutely outrageous felons they are, civilized citizens need to demand they be charged with felonies and locked away!!!


The Mayor doesn't share your feelings. He only acts when the Proud Boys are involved. He supports Antifa through his continued unwillingness to prosecute them. He doesn't call them out in the Media, heck, even the Media seem to love them. Cute black outfits and matching masks

wandering aimlessly



The taxpayers know that, the citizens mostly know that, but OUR elected officials don't care to act on it. These are the "dedicated" civil servants that were voted into office.

Kenny Rogers

Why does someone need a bat or pepper spray to demonstrate?


Adds validity to their cause? Better they're cowards who hide their faces behind masks?

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

These "demonstrators" came geared up to do street combat. And you can thank metro-sexual soy boy and leftist coward Ted Wheeler. His hands-off approach to law and order from way back to the Occupy Wall St., BLM, anti-Trump demonstrations to the current ANTIFA antics has emboldened these miscreants. The lawlessness of the left has come home to roost in what we're seeing today.


Because Antifa is violence, this is their mantra. Our Mayor encourages their behavior by his silence and inaction

Mr pickles

What a cesspool of violence the left has become. I hate Portland. It's a love- hate relationship. Seems the hate wins here.


Thank the inaction on our Mayor and the Commissioners


Supported by our Mayor and the Commissioner's inaction. Haven't heard one of them denouncing these clowns in masks


These are the type of people that democrats rely on to get elected.

Just curious

[angry] No you are wrong there!


"The police said.." "The police said.." Where were the reporters? Probably filling out their applications for student loan forgiveness. Get out there with the folks, newsies . . . . Find out what is going on.


The media ignores Antifa, gives them a free ride and censors anyone who states this in print. China anyone?

Terrell Higgs

They have signs that say they won't tolerate fascism. Well good, who does, and where is it happening, here? Why attack the police over that?


Evil Democrats and leftist at work again in Portland.

Just curious

Prove it.

Just curious

In actuality it's the Republicans.


What are they demonstrating?


In Portland, you don't need a reason

Kenny Rogers

They're demonstrating immaturity, ignorance, and their facism.

Just curious

Now that is the question. Who knows?


Antifa, Potland and the Liberal’s brown shirts. Oregon deserves what they bring.


Spoken so correctly

wandering aimlessly

Still enjoying the efforts of our useless, weak, cowardly mayor ???


What are the Thugs up set about now? If NAFITA shoot them on sight and put out of missery!

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