PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - As the number of shootings reach historic levels in Portland, it likely means that hospitals are seeing more gunshot victims.

However, some hospitals said it’s not affecting the care for anyone else.

Monday night, Legacy Emanuel had to issue a serious warning as several gunshot victims arrived at the hospital and a crowd gathered outside. The hospital issued a Code Silver, which means people inside need to be aware of their surroundings and the possibility of a dangerous situation. It does not mean anyone is in imminent danger.

Legacy Health said it’s trying to balance situations like this, while also making sure everyone feels welcome and safe at a hospital that can be a challenge.

“One of the ways that we balance making sure we’re warm and inviting and still having that safety is making sure we have an awareness of our physical surroundings at all times,” Brian Terrett, spokesman for Legacy Health, said. “By providing people in-service training. By constantly looking for ways we can improve things, whether it’s lighting or door controls or anything like that.”

Legacy provides level one trauma care, so while most of the patients are car accident victims, gunshot victims are not uncommon.

Legacy says it doesn’t have any specific statistics for the number of gunshot victims that have been treated recently, but said the hospital is not overwhelmed with these kinds of patients it is not affecting their operations.

“Knowing that 99.9% of the time we can have our doors open, people can come into the hospital, they can get the care they receive, they can visit their loved ones and know they are in a safe environment,” Terrett said.

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(3) comments


Maybe it's time to call in the retired Texas Rangers. :)


It is dangerous to out gang members.


Unless a "victim" cooperates with LEO with respect to whom was involved, names and associates, they should be left on the front steps.

Innocent bystanders aside. They ALWAYS cooperate.

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