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SALEM, OR (KPTV) – They thought they were storing their off-roading vehicles in a safe-place, only to find out their four wheelers and a family trailer worth thousands of dollars were stolen from a gated storage facility in Salem.

Larry Tyler and Cristina White just took them out for rides on Saturday with friends.

But then on Wednesday night, they got a call.

“We were at home with our kids and she answered the phone, you know I kind of noticed the look on her face like something was wrong,” Tyler said.

A Patriot trailer owned by a father-in-law that was storing their 2001 Raptor 660 and their 2011 Yamaha Banshee were all gone.

“Still kind wrapping my brain around it to be honest,” White said. “It's our weekend toy, it's kind of that stress relief, something that we can bring the family enjoy time with them and they love riding them.”

The three total roughly $33,000.

The two say their off-roading vehicles mean more to the than just monetary value.

They’ve taken them to DuneFest in Winchester Bay for years and they say they’ve created memories with their while kids riding and working on them.

“Our 8-year-old now, 15-year-old they've all turned wrenches on it with us and helped clean them you know help take care of them, change oil in them,” Tyler said. “They love the quads, and you know it's really sad to you know see their heart break them knowing that it's gone.”

The two have questions about how someone could steal the trailer and toys saying you need a code to get into the storage facility.

“You know you bring it out here expecting it to be taken care of and you come to go pick it up and it's not here,” White said.

And they want whoever’s behind it to know this hurt their family. “It hurt us you know you got to think about stuff when you go taking other people's stuff you know you can really affect them,” Tyler said

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office says there are no suspect leads in this case right now.

If you know anything regarding this theft contact the department.

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