SALEM, OR (KPTV) – An award-winning journalist from South Salem High School was disinvited to appear before the Salem-Keizer school board shortly after writing a critical article on the school board members.

FOX 12 first met Eddy Binford-Ross on the streets of Portland last summer. She was one of the few high school students working to cover the protests and riots in Portland. Her work for the high school paper, The Clypian, has earned her numerous awards, including being named Oregon's High School Journalist of the Year. This led to the Salem-Kaiser School Board asking her to come to April's meeting to be recognized.

But something changed, causing the board to cancel that invitation. That something was a critical article Binford-Ross wrote titled "Scandals, Special Interests and Dysfunction Plague School Board."

"I think it was incredibly disappointing," Binford-Ross said.

The article detailed where board members were getting their campaign contributions. She thinks it's pretty apparent that's why the school board canceled her appearance.

"It's an extensive look into the history of our current school board, and it's based on campaign finance that's information that's publically available," Binford-Ross said.

School board Chair Dr. Satya Chandragiri said it wasn't the article itself that was the problem.

"We really wanted her recognition to be stand-alone, without any controversy or misunderstanding because she is an accomplished student," Dr. Chandragiri said.

He said it's the political situation the article created, saying people currently running for the school board were using it as ammunition to get current board members voted out.

Award-winning student journalist disinvited from SKSD meeting after controversial article

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"The reason they gave publically was because it was shared by a left-wing group on social media, and you know that's not how journalism works," Binford-Ross said. "I don't have any control once a story is published who shares it who picks it up."

The board chairman told FOX 12 he still wants to honor Binford-Ross but only after the May election.

Binford-Ross tells FOX 12 that she's still deciding whether or not she'll accept that invitation.

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(14) comments


Hate is not a family value, but apparently accepting bribes, lying, and gerrymandering are...

Just curious

[angry] Shame on that School Board.

Just curious

I know that this has been going on in all school board's. I heard about it as a way the members would receive token gifts because they aren't paid to be a board member so they treat themselves to vacations at expensive Resorts on the Oregon Coast with all benefits paid by us taxpayers. I learned about it in late 1989.


That is what all the Unions do too.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

They want to wait until AFTER the election? Hmmm..this kinda sounds like what the Oregonian did, and not fully covering the story about Cylvia Hayes and her human hand puppet's corruption scandal, until AFTER the election. Or the same thing with the mainstream media not reporting the facts about the Bidens until AFTER the election. The media has a responsibility to do a job, and that's to keep politicians and public officials, especially elected ones..accountable. Look at the lesson their sending to our young, If they're not indoctrinating and turning our children into globalist socialists, then they're pulling some other kind of self-serving kuh-wrap.


So surprised. Even a high-school girl can see all the corruption and lies thrown from left-wing, crybaby school board members. Now the board wants to hide their misdoings as usual. What a joke.


School boards along with teacher's unions are the biggest enemies of taxpayer's in this country and are a detriment to education. Both need to be put out of business,

Eliza Cassan

So they still will honor her but only after the election. Wow, ya think their decision is political biased? Welcome to the new journalism.

Husky Loyalist

Gee, a high school girl brought the adult school board members to their quivering knees. Profiles in intolerance.


I read the article from the school newspaper. It is unfortunate this young lady is so uncomfortable with people from other cultures such as Satya Chandragiri, the school Board Chair. I thought tolerance for other cultures was supposed to be taught in our high schools.


Tolerance in our schools. You have to be kidding. The students are brainwashed into believing garbage taught by union thugs. We need to shut down all public schools and go 100% for home schooling and private schools.


Agree with you 100%


You are completely wrong !!!!


Ok, back your beliefs with facts then...

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