PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A union rep for Bales Thriftway said two locations in our area are closing.

A spokesperson for UFCW local 555 said the Bales locations off Cornell Road in Portland and Farmington road in Aloha are closing.

According to the company's website those are two of four locations in the Portland-metro area.

One employee who's worked at the Cornell location for decades told FOX 12 he's sad it's closing, but he said the company is working to place employees. There is no word on how many employees are impacted by the closures.

Specific closure dates were also not announced. 

“We're so disappointed to learn about closures at Bales and Farmington Thriftway. We are gathering all the information we can share with fellow workers at these stores next week,” UFCW 555 said.

The union said it will share more information next week regarding upcoming meetings to discuss support during this transition.

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I feel for the employees that are struggling to look for work. Ufcw local 555 unfortunately are all talk when it comes to helping their members. I personally experienced it with the 2015 closing of the original Haggen’s . When Safeway and Albertsons merged those employees were able to retain their seniority dates and medical benefits through the union. When Haggen was purchased Haggen employees were not and we lost seniority dates as well as medical. Some of us when immediately into union stores and the union did nothing for former Haggen employees. Way to fight for you’re members . 17 years lost of seniority. Thankfully their was very good store directors out there that looked and longevity, experience and took care of us that were left with maybe 20 hours if we were “lucky”in a “union local 555” store. The grocery business is not what it used to be now that Amazon and online shopping are the trends. I suggest these employees to save their money that the union collects out of their paycheck and put it in your gas tank and drive further to a company that will respect their employees, give benefits, and see the worth in those employees that are are loyal to the company. A wise store director- mentor -friend always says: “Take your power back, J Wirfs. I Lisa approve this message.

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