Beaumont Middle School adds security guard after parents complain of violence, brawls

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Some parents at Beaumont Middle School say fights and violence are plaguing their kids’ school.

A lunchtime brawl caught on camera recently shows what appears to be at least two girls attacking one another, according to parents.

In the video, the girls can be seen throwing dozens of punches, while other people try to jump in and break it up.

“A lot of violence, really, and I would say just no institutional control," Matt Bevacqua, a parent of a student at the school, said.

Bevacqua, who has an eighth grade child at Beaumont, said this isn’t the first time a fight like this has happened.

“Really, unsafe,” he said, referring to the school. "In fact, my daughter comes home every day for lunch.”

Bevacqua claims the problems at the middle school go beyond fights between students.

“Kids taking things and throwing them out the windows, destroying things in the classroom,” Bevacqua said.

FOX 12 spoke to other parents off-camera who said they’ve also noticed an increase in fights and kids just acting out in general, but facing little discipline.

One parent told FOX 12 that the fights have gotten so bad that he made sure that his child, set to attend the middle school next year, was transferred to another school.

“It’s just an unfit arena right now, and it’s not conducive to educating kids,” Bevacqua said.

FOX 12 reached out to a Portland Public Schools spokesperson and asked if there is a problem at Beaumont. The spokesperson said the district has no evidence of that. He also shared a letter regarding recent incidents at the school.April 12, 2018

Beaumont Families,

Thanks for your patience as we continue to work on the safety of Beaumont, for all students. Yesterday, it was brought to my attention, that three students that are not Beaumont Students were threating retaliation as a result of the fight among students last week. We have taken action on this threat to involve the PPS Security Department, Portland Police and The Administration at the two schools where the students attend. I am working closely with my supervisor Karl Logan throughout this process.

As a result:

• Students involved in the incidents will receive discipline according to the Portland Public Schools Student Handbook and Discipline Guide

• Students that have made threats towards Beaumont Students are being trespassed from the Beaumont Campus. We are working with the their school Administrations and the Portland Police to address their unacceptable behaviors

• We have increased daily hallway monitoring at Beaumont

• We are reviewing and adjusting the lunch supervision

• Today April 11th, students attended an Anti-Bullying assembly. Which will be followed up by a plan completed by the Beaumont Climate Committee to reinforce the concepts taught during the assembly throughout the month of March and beyond.

• Starting Monday March 16th, we will have a campus monitor on sight. This is an additional adult on site to monitor the campus.

• We are requesting additional presence from the School Resource Officers throughout the school day

• We are also requesting presentations related to Cyber Bullying and Safety form the School Resource Officers/Portland Police

• We have a newly assigned Restorative Justice Coordination, Rachel Bruneau that has been assigned to Beaumont for the remainder of the year

To anonymously report suspicious or imminently unsafe situations, such as threats of violence, fights, drugs and alcohol, weapons, bullying, harassment, intimidation or self-harm

Ø sending a message to this email

Ø Or by making A live call/text (844-472-3367)

The mobile app that can be downloaded from your Smart Phone via iTunes or Google from the safe schools website SafeOregon website.

If you would like to discuss any of these measures, or have additional suggestions, we would love to hear from you.


Harriette Vimegnon FOX 12 also spoke with a student at Beaumont.

“Sometimes people don’t get along and they start arguing and screaming and getting a little bit more violent,” she said. “And parents have been coming in and talking with teachers and trying to figure out a better way to keep our school a little safer.”

The student said she doesn’t feel unsafe at the school and said things have gotten better recently, thanks to the district bringing in new security person.

“He’s usually always around, in the hallways or in the cafeteria or sometimes peeking into classrooms to see if everything is okay,” the student said.

FOX 12 spoke with a teacher who wanted to remain anonymous.

The teacher said fights are a reality at the school and damage sometimes happens.

The teacher also said there is a lack of support for teachers and a lack of discipline at the school. The teacher, however, believes things have gotten better this past year, when compared to the previous year.

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