Beaverton businesses ready for new outdoor mask mandate

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BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV) - A new mask mandate begins Wednesday in Oregon.

Gov. Kate Brown announced Monday that a person must now wear a face covering outside if they cannot maintain six feet of physical distance from other people. The governor says she’s relying on businesses, not police, to enforce the new mask rule.

“I look at my mom, who’s 84, and so I’m not afraid to say to somebody, ‘do you have your mask?’ because she is my first priority, and then come my customers,” said Lisa Alleyne, who works at Ickabod’s in downtown Beaverton with her mom, who owns the bar and grill, said.

Alleyne says she’s seen a wide spectrum of mask wearers. When there is someone not wearing one, sometimes a customer will pitch in by asking them to put one on.

“I appreciate that, I do have some customers that are very willing to say, ‘Oh, I’ll tell that guy!’ Because we’re very much the neighborhood Cheers,” Alleyne said.

Just down the street at Syndicate Wine Bar, owners David and Angela Anderson say the overwhelming majority of customers have been in compliance.

“There’s occasionally someone that comes in and goes, ‘Oh, can I just cover my mouth with my sweater?’ I’m like, ‘No, cause you’re going to the restroom, you have to wear a mask,’” David said.

During busy times, he says people will line up outside, but even then they’re six feet apart, and David says he doesn’t anticipate any problems for the future.

“We’re trying to do our part to keep you safe and that’s really what this is all about,” David said.

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Hospital workers 55 who tested positive were sent home to quarantine for two weeks, the official said. TGH also said every team member and patient are wearing masks and the hospital also screens everyone who comes into the facilities. Funny they were all wearing mask and still tested positive.

Frederick Fukov

Welcome to the world of mask notzees.


We walk the 'powerline trail' in Beaverton, just west of 155th. We're about the only people wearing masks. It's very disheartening so encounter other walkers and bicyclists who don't observe the mask convention./ mandate.

Frederick Fukov

Hello? The policy states "when you cannot maintain the rules of social distancing." In other words, if you're in the same space as another human being for a prolonged period of time. This doesn't mean that everyone in an outdoor park has to be wearing a mask when they pass a walker, a jogger or a bicyclist in a fleeting moment. This is the problem with all the disinformation being spread.


You are correct.


And I'm sure they go around you or you go around them. So what is the big deal?

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