Behind the lens with the Hillsboro Hops’ team photographer


Baseball is a sport with some beautiful sights, and for the Hillsboro Hops team photographer Ron Tonkin Field is no different.

Michael Jacobs, 23, makes sure he always has the pitch perfect look.

"I hate to say this but not everyone is going to make it and for some of these guys, these are their major league. This is their final step and it's something that they can always remember," said Jacobs.

Jacobs is snapping off memories one pitch at a time.

"I try to make the players feel proud of that picture," he said.

The Class of 2014 graduate of Dufur High School, a class of 14 kids, is a baseball fanatic.

"If I wasn't in a wheelchair, I would probably be on this field playing," said Jacobs.

Nerve damage in his brain doesn't allow him to put any weight on his legs.

"That's never stopped me. I throw 160 some pitches to my dad every day. I take batting practice. I do everything," said Jacobs. "I don't let this be a blockade for me."

In his first two seasons of working for the Hops, first as an usher, now as a photographer, it was a two and a half hour drive each way with his mom and dad from Dufur to Ron Tonkin Field.

"There's no distance far enough for us to go to watch baseball. It's a family thing and we just enjoy it," Jacobs said.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Jacobs and his dedicated Diamondbacks loving parents now live in Seaside.

"This is my second home. I cannot picture a better summer than being here," he said.

Another never ending summer behind the lens with the Hops, where everyone on the field dreams of making the big leagues.

"I actually feel like I am part of the team and that has always been my dream as a kid," said Jacobs.

As summer winds down, Jacobs is already winding up for his annual pilgrimage to Spring Training in Arizona next March.

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