We've covered the stories. We've seen the posts on social media. We've heard from you. We know there is a big problem in our community and across the nation. But we also know there are solutions.

We're talking about the mental wellness of our kids and teens. There are big challenges facing young people and their parents today. That's why during FOX 12 newscasts, we are highlighting what’s happening with this important topic in our communities. Specifically, we’re showing you what’s being done about it in schools and at home.


FOX 12 wants to shine a light on this very important and timely issue. We want to help kids, teens, their parents and caregivers in the community cope in times of stress and crisis. As you watch FOX 12, you'll see public service announcements about this important topic. We'll also be highlighting organizations and resources available for care and support. Below you will find just a few of the many organizations in our area that are devoted to mental wellness. We will be adding more as our campaign grows. We welcome your suggestions too!

Isn't it time we focus on mental wellness instead of mental illness? Isn't it time we talk about this topic openly? Shouldn't we all know that we are not in this alone? With the help of great local organizations, we can solve these problems together. In the meantime, we want to offer you a place to speak up. Please share your story with us. Share your ideas and your challenges too. Use #FOX12BetterTogether on your favorite social media platform. Let's start talking openly about the mental wellness of our kids and teens today.