Report: Portland traffic congestion is getting worse

File image (Source: KPTV)

The Oregon Senate passed a bill that will turn a common courtesy on the road into a law.

Senate Bill 532 requires drivers on highways to use the left lane only for passing other cars.

Sponsors of the bill say it attempts to decrease traffic while improving safety on the roads.

There would be exceptions to the new rule, including in cases of bad road conditions, hazards and emergency vehicles.

FOX 12 spoke with a driver who agreed with the bill.

"Most people like to go a little bit over the speed limit, so as long as they keep that lane open it kind of mitigates people from trying to be aggressive going between lanes and what not," said Michael Allman.

The bill also carries a penalty – offending drivers would face a $110 citation for blocking the left lane.

SB 532 will now go to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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