PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The 15th head coach in Trail Blazers’ history is former NBA Champion Chauncey Billups and some in Rip City are finding it hard to accept the five-time All-Star as the leader of the Portland franchise after a rape allegation towards Billups 25-years ago when he was a rookie with the Boston Celtics. While criminal charges were never filed, Billups settled the civil case in 2000.

A new coach but far from a clean slate, the introduction of the 44-year-old first-time NBA head coach comes with some scrutiny that is beyond x’s and o’s. “There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how every decision that we make has a profound impact on a person’s life. Every decision has consequences and that has led to some really, really healthy but tough conversations that I have had to have with my wife who was my girlfriend at the time in 1997 and my daughters about what actually happened,” Billups said.

He was up front about his past in facing the gathered in-person media for his first day in Rip City with his wife and three daughters in attendance. “This experience has shaped my life in so many different ways. My decision making, obviously, who I allow to be in my life, the friendships and the relationships that I have and how I can go about them. It’s impacted every decision that I make, it really has. It has shaped me in some unbelievable ways,” Billups added.

General Manager Neil Olshey said the Trail Blazers vetted Billups through their own independent investigation. “The results of that corroborate everything that Chauncey had told us multiple times through multiple interviews that nothing non-consensual happened and nothing would disqualify him from employment. We stand by Chauncey,” Olshey said.

Billups addresses rape allegation during press conference with Blazers

Image: KPTV

After one season on the job as an assistant coach with the Clippers, ‘Mr. Big Shot’ is getting his first head coaching shot in the NBA, a four-year deal with a team option for a fifth. “We didn’t hire the most experienced coach, but we think we hired the coach with the highest ceiling for this organization and we’d like to realize the benefit of that down the road,” Olshey added.

Billups concluded his 17-year playing career in 2014, a world champ who also was honored over the years with the NBA’s citizenship award, sportsmanship honor and voted as the best teammate in the league, just like his friend and now player, Damian Lillard was the past season. After four first round playoff exits in the last five years, Dame wants better and it starts at the top.

“Dame’s happiness always revolves around winning and having a chance to win at the highest level. I told Dame, look, if you gotta drive my butt every day to make sure we’re out on a limb, we’re taking risks, we’re doing everything we can to build a roster that you feel and the rest of the guys on team feel can walk in with a swagger knowing the roster is not going to be why they can’t compete for a championship, that’s on me.”

Billups made the quick trip to Portland and is now headed back to LA to rejoin his Clippers for game six of the Western Conference Finals against the Suns on Wednesday night.

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(11) comments

Just curious

[scared]Oh my, That was a "he said, she said", Did he dididn't he? That's the question? Did we get an honest answer?


.... media is going to try to "Trump" this guy...... Why give him a chance at all when you can more easily DESTROY his rep FURTHER... and in this political environment.... the media can get away with EASILY..... THere will now be a media imposed embargo on the truth..... we don need no steeenkin truth around here anyway. Did you seee ANY MEDIA PERSONAGE AT ALL WISH THIS GUY AND HIS NEW TEAM GOOD LUCK???? ....nah.... to quote Master-Blaster, " Embargo on!"


No. You don't get to use Trumps name that way. Trump "Trump" himself. The guy with MULTIPLE ACCUSERS (something like 16 or 17?) and caught on camera bragging about sexually assaulting people in a variety of ways. Not to mention barging in on underage pageant contestants while they are dressing. The two are not comparable, you gullible goon.


At this point in time, the trail losers are lucky to get anyone to coach the team and why would anyone want to coach them. Money, that's why.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Unbelievable the way some people in Portland reacted to this hire. Some of the garbage I heard on the radio yesterday was absurd. But that's how it is here. You hear something in the media, and you believe the media or you jump to false conclusions, and then you call a radio station and bash the guy and the hire, without knowing anything about him, or about what happened? These people really need to get a life. First you complain about Stotts, and you should have because he was weak and arrogant. Who else were you going to get? Jason Kidd? He's got more baggage than Billups, and what has he done as a coach? Becky Hammond? Good luck with that. Say what you want about her qualifications, but what NBA roster is going to respect and respond to a female coach? So Billups was really the best choice. Then he gets here, and a bunch of you call Chad's show and rip into him? You know what you're doing? You're sending a message to Lillard and to other NBA players. It's going to make Lillard want to leave, and other players not come here. Way to go Blazer Fan.

A head coach with no previous head coaching experience, just what Lillard wanted I'm sure


you don't think he had a say? you don't think olshey asked lillard who he would want? Also, you know billups was a point guard as well? i imagine he and dame have some ideas to share.

Eliza Cassan



Was that for me, Eliza? Cause that headline has a big COULD in it, and the articles says he supported him. not sure what you're proving.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Learn the game before you post. Rosters win titles now days, not coaches. They just need someone slightly more competent who would garner more respect than Herman Munster..errr..Terry Stotts. Billups played. He's got a ring. He's got five all star selections, and and finals MVP. He's asst coaching one of the best teams in the league, and he's respected by Kawhi, Paul George and just about every player in the league. He'll get more respect from the officials than Stotts. And if Dame wants him, then who are you to argue?

looking back on this, heck yeah rosters win, but what change to the roster is Billups going to give? I see the rumors too about who Dame may want, who knows, but a first year coach, we'll have to see, yeah he played, so did Kidd, Nash, etc, and they crashed so far

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