PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Trail Blazers Team President and General Manager Neil Olshey held a press conference Monday morning via Zoom and thanked former Head Coach Terry Stotts for their nine seasons together. After a fourth first round exit in five years, the Blazers and Stotts parted ways on Friday night. 

“I think we reached a ceiling with the team. It was not an easy decision obviously, you know how I feel about Terry. Multiple people participated in the process. We entered the season and we felt like we really needed to show improvement on the defensive end of the floor, we needed to advance in the playoffs and the decision was pretty much made,” said Olshey.

After watching one of the best offenses in the league again crumble in the first round with the second lowest rated defense, Olshey is seeking a new voice who he says, can hold players accountable on both sides of the ball.

Blazers GM Neil Olshey holds press conference on departure of Terry Stotts

Image: KPTV

As far as Olshey’s job security with franchise Chairwoman Jody Allen, Olshey said the first round loss was not a product of the roster. Stotts was the only coach Damian Lillard has had in Rip City and Dame will have a bit of a say in who the next leader of the franchise will be. Lillard went on the record over the weekend saying he liked Jason Kidd or Chauncey Billups.

Kidd, a current assistant with the Lakers, has pulled his name from consideration. Billups is an assistant with the Clippers.

“We’ve got a lot exciting candidates we are looking at and Dame will play an integral role in that so the fact that Dame publicly wanted to support different people, that’s Dame. You ask Dame, he’s going to give you an answer but there are nuances to this process and it is a more in-depth process then just at first glance who someone likes, we have to dig deeper into this,” said Olshey.

While no candidates have yet been contacted, Olshey expects to have a preliminary list of 20-25 options by the end of the week. As far as offseason roster moves, the Blazers are up against the salary cap and do not have a first round pick the in NBA Draft. While four of the five starters remain under contract, Norman Powell is the number one priority to re-sign this offseason.

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Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Maybe we can get Lebron Jimmy to tweet out a photo of Neil Olshey and "you're next." Seriously, if we're going to bust on Stotts and his role in yet another early exit of the Trail Failures, then Olshey needs to go too. Why does he get a pass? Is he not the one who traded two first round picks to move up to take a skinny, frail, injury prone, way too suburban white kid who never even started in college? I mean, what has Zach Collins done for this team, other than be a cheerleader on the bench? The deal for Nurk looked pretty good at first, but what has he done since then? The guy's an idiot, and he's out of shape, and he can't stay on the court either. He's either injured, or he fouls out. Look, we need players who we can count on, who won't get outmuscled, who have heart, who have brains, who aren't out there trying to look cool, and who don't whine and blame the refs. We need men, not boys, and who put this group of misfits together? Olshey did. If you're gonna look for a new coach, you might as well get a new GM too.


Who ever the Trailblazers choose for head coach, they’ll have to pay him, her, it combat pay to work in Potland.

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