Murphy and his guide dog Amilia (family photo)

SALEM, OR (KPTV) - Salem police are searching for a driver who they said hit a blind man and his guide dog while they were walking Monday night around 7 p.m., then took off.

FOX 12 spoke to the victim’s daughter, Kaitlin Murphy, Tuesday night. She said she’s heartbroken someone could leave her father, Steven Murphy, lying on the ground with serious injuries with Amilia, his guide dog.

“I’m still in shock,” she said. “My friend, who actually works with my dad, called me and asked if I was sitting down. And I was like, ‘Uh, what happened?’”

Police say Steven was heading home near Liberty Rd. S, and Hrubetz Rd. SE.

“He said that he was just walking, and he heard just this loud noise. And next thing you know, he was just wiped out and on the ground,” Kaitlin said. “He’s got several broken vertebrae. He’s got two broken ribs. He had a really big gash on his elbow. His ankle is possibly broken.”

Police say Steven was taken to the hospital, and Kaitlin tells FOX 12 Amilia was brought to the vet by friends.

Kaitlin says Steven is going to be okay after surgery Wednesday, and eventually Amilia will recover, too.

The family’s unsure though if the black lab will ever be able to work as a guide dog again.

“How would you feel if somebody did that to your parents? How would that make you feel?” Kaitlin said.

Investigators say they do not have any leads. Salem police are asking if anyone saw what happened, to call their tip line at 503-588-8477.

If you’d like to help Steven out with medical bills, a close friend of his is raising money. Head to this website to help.

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(2) comments

William R

So the driver was either a total male donkey, or a drunk male donkey hole. Godspeed to the victims.


I sure hope they catch the degenerate who did this. What kind of person would hit anyone and leave them for dead? Maybe the punishment should fit the crime?

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