Boil water notice issued in Amity after water system failure

Image: KPTV

Officials in Amity are urging people to boil their water after a major malfunction within the city’s water treatment system.At the Amity Fire Station on Monday, firefighters and volunteers handed out bottled water, non-potable water for toilets and they used special filters to make the non-potable water drinkable.

The problems started Sunday night when the city’s water treatment facility computer system went down. Workers spent the day operating the pumps by hand, which meant reserves were used up fast and then eventually, they ran out of water.

Technicians are trying to figure out why the system failed while city officials are making sure everyone has enough water - a big task for a small town.“We have two guys on duty right now that have been on for about 48 hours so they’re kind of exhausted,” said Mayor Michael Cape. “And I’m trying to get some relief workers from other neighboring cities to help so they can get some time off. So yes, it’s a big headache.” Officials don’t believe there’s anything harmful in the water right now, but they’re still testing and flushing the lines. They say boiling water is a good precaution for now.

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