PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Broadway Corridor Redevelopment Project continues to move forward.

On Sept. 23, the Portland City Council unanimously approved an agreement with the project developer, Coninuum Partners, based out of Denver, Colorado.

The Broadway Corridor is one of the largest redevelopment project in the City of Portland’s history. It will become a new neighborhood situated between the Chinatown-Japantown Historic District and the Pearl District.

Broadway Corridor Redevelopment Project in Portland moves forward, will house 3,100 residents

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The project plan states that it will house about 3,100 residents and about 25 percent of that would be set aside for affordable housing. The plan also estimates the project would create about 4,000 jobs.

Mayor Ted Wheeler has been leading the charge on this for the past four years. He called it one of the most complex projects in city history.

“And while there’s still a lot of work that remains in the years ahead, I am so proud of our accomplishments today with persistence, collaboration, leadership, clear communication and an insistence on putting community priorities front and center,” Wheeler said.

The city also approved the benefits agreement for the project with the healthy communities coalition. The majority of the project land is owned by Prosper Portland and the Portland Housing Bureau.

The Broadway Corridor is also part of the city of Portland’s Central City 2035 Plan.

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(7) comments


That area is a cesspool of vagrant campers, drug addicts/dealers and lots of stabbings and shootings.


As long as Prosper Portland and the Portland Housing Bureau is involved, we know that taxpayers will be paying for much of this.It is time for the city to get out of the development business using taxpayers money.


'Broadway Corridor Redevelopment Project in Portland moves forward, will house 3,100 residents' -- Epic fail.


After all the crapola that has been, and still continues to happen, I see this project failing big time.


How many times has the Nines ( the Meyer and Frank building) failed to live up to the millions the taxpayers sunk into it?

Mr Q

is tis what is called "gentrification"?


The 4,000 jobs it will supposedly create are mostly temporary one in the construction trade. It's going to cost the taxpayer a bundle, as if the taxes in Portland are not already too high. More and more businesses are leaving the cesspool along with many people. Why live in a city where you fear for your life and the city leaders don't care? They are in bed with antifa and blm.

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