Bud Pierce makes second apology for domestic violence remarks

Dr. Bud Pierce (file)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Bud Pierce took to social media Wednesday in a continued attempt to reconnect with women voters in Oregon following comments made at a recent debate.

In a video posted to his campaign Facebook page, Pierce said he was wrong in making comments during a debate with Governor Kate Brown Friday that said women with “great education and training” could not be abused.

His comments during the debate followed Brown’s own revelation that she was a survivor of domestic violence.

Brown’s first attempt at an apology came Monday after multiple groups and agencies came out in opposition of the Salem doctor’s comments.

“Educated people, employed people and wealthy people experience domestic violence too,” said Rebecca Alexander, a spokesperson for Bradley Angle, a nonprofit serving victims of domestic violence and abuse in Portland.

Following the outcry, Pierce released a statement that end by saying, “I apologize to Governor Brown and anyone else who may [have] taken my comments the wrong way.”

In the new video Wednesday, Pierce used more apologetic language, stating he had “very little experience with domestic violence.”

“I apologize for this ignorant and potentially dangerous statement,” he said in the video. "I especially wish to apologize to all of the victims of domestic violence, upon whom my statement may have brought back the painful memories of their abuse, and the reality that many in our society do not understand their plight.”

Pierce continued on by discussing recently release data that shows half of the women in Oregon have experienced domestic violence, and discussing what could be done to stop the violence.

Pierce will face off with Governor Brown in another debate in Eugene on Thursday.

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