Business in Kenton neighborhood on edge as riots continue

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The nightly violence in Portland's Kenton neighborhood is leaving many business owners on edge, worried about destruction caused by rioters.

Terrance Moses owns a business in the area and is part of the Kenton Business Association. He said that things have drifted far from the original message of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Now the movement has totally gone silent, there’s nobody leading it, nobody in charge of saying to the powers that be, this is what we want,” Moses said.

Moses said that for change to happen, marches don’t necessarily need to be done at night, especially when things are being destroyed.

“If we out here at nine, ten o’clock at night protesting or claiming to protest but we’re being destructive, the people we need to reach are not out at nine, ten o’clock at night,” Moses said.

Moses said he listened to one of the leaders this past weekend and was shocked to hear the man promoting violence to the crowd.

“I listened and watched the leader of the group what the plan was for their Black Lives Matter movement and his tone was we’re going to burn if that’s what it takes to get our point across,” Moses said.

Moses said the message promoting violence is counterproductive and hurts people of color who have businesses nearby.

“And then he goes on to say I want you to go to jail for the cause, this is how it’s done, this is the only way we’re going to get real change so if you feel you need to burn some stuff up then you burn it up,” Moses said.

Moses said business owners in the area are already struggling because of COVID-19 and this is only making matters worse.

“Nine businesses in the Kenton district is black and minority owned and one of them was spray painted and we put thousands of hours putting together that plaza so Black-owned businesses can expand outside,” Moses said.

Moses' message to those causing damage is plain and simple–he wants the violence to stop.

“My message to you is stop, let’s regroup and have a plan other than destroying things for destroying’s sake,” Moses said.

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(8) comments


Ohhhh where ohhhh where is the people we elected to protect this city?

MIA.... Ohhh wait every now and then they condemn the riots but trying to solve or stop ummmmmm Crickets and MIA! Democrat egos are huge!


Black Lies Matter has certainly lost its meaning.


It was a joke to begin with, as black lives only mattered when police were involved, and completely ignored the leading cause of death in the black community - other blacks.


"Moses said the message promoting violence is counterproductive and hurts people of color who have businesses nearby"

So Moses, you don't care about other businesses? Only the black ones matter? Stupid! If you would have left it "violence is counterproductive" but NO..had to throw all races except your's under the bus? And by the way, white is a color too. Check with Crayola

Frederick Fukov

In all fairness Ian, since most of us colored on white often did you ever use your white crayola?


And I suppose that is somehow part of the white privilege we have that we only color on white paper ????


Just had to didn't you? Why? It's like the rioters why?


Have to point out that I believe the message to the rioters was that if they cared about Black people, they should realize that they are hurting Black owned business. This is exactly what these people are hoping for, that we will all become so angry over the destruction going on that we will lose our cool. It is a classic divide and conquer tactic. Black, Brown, white, cream, purple, whatever you are, the small business owners need to rise up and tell their elected officials they will not stand for this. They may get some traction if they do. Already some trucking companies are not going to deliver to Chicago. This will have downstream effects that are not pleasant for the normal joe, but it should garner attention from the miscreants in place governing Chicago. Business runs this world, business owners, you are stronger than you know.

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