EUGENE, OR (KPTV) - Businesses across Oregon are now tasked with either enforcing mask requirements or checking vaccination records. Some business owners say they don’t feel safe during what can be tense or even violent encounters with customers.

FOX 12 spoke with a woman who owns a liquor store in Eugene and another in Lebanon and she says ever since the CDC and Governor Kate Brown announced conflicting guidelines, her employees are constantly harassed and even threatened.

Toni Bolander says one employee was punched in the face after asking someone to put a mask on. Bolander says another employee had a gun pulled on them for a similar situation. She says during the middle of the pandemic a lot of the hostility and anger surrounding mask wearing died down, but it’s all picked up again in recent weeks following the CDC’s announcement that vaccinated individuals can take masks off inside.

Bolander says Oregon’s additional requirement that businesses check vaccination cards has only fueled more rage toward staff.

Business owners say mask guidelines creating tension between customers and employees

Image: KPTV

“We told our employees, you need to ask, but don’t confront them; if they don’t want to, you’re more important to us and our business, than somebody wearing this mask. It’s not to negate that’s it’s not important to wear a mask. It’s just that we’re not willing to put our people in harm’s way to enforce that kind of a rule,” said Bolander.

Some stores and businesses have opted not to check vaccination records and instead have put policies in place that masks must be worn inside.

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(15) comments

In God I trust

I just have to say that I wish more store owners had the compassion for their employees as that liquor store owner does. You could feel it in her voice that she really, truly cares for them and doesn’t want them to get hurt — not just as a liability, but because she cares. Other businesses need to take their lead from her and realize we are all supposed to be in this together and not against each other. These masks were created to (further) divide us, and for those that — as was stated by someone else in the comments — are too incompetent to realize it, they’re trying to TAKE OUR FREEDOMS AWAY! Some of us have been saying this all along and it’s coming SOON that it’s going to be written into law instead of just suggested or “mandated”. The ones who are being violent are not helping this. I understand we are ALL tired of this “pandemic”, but lashing out in violence is EXACTLY what the government wants and NEEDS to move forward with putting laws in motion without our consent that take away our freedoms. I’ve been saying for a while now, there’s going to be a reckoning. They’ve been trying HARDER lately to take you-know-what from LAW-ABIDING citizens lately. Why do you think that is? 🤔 What was the SPECIFIC purpose of the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution again? Oh yeah; THAT. Y’all ever hear that song Uprising by Muse? It’s a good song.


This was very easy to spot. Tyranny from the Government couldn't be overt. So they delegate it, in the form of 'policy' on businesses to institute. Thus putting the onus on regular citizens to check each other. A 1984 situation if you will. Eventually, because of these types of articles spread around like propaganda, the karens will demand the government "Do something! about this violence!" and thus legislation will be born, and you've just been suckered into being mandated use of a 'digital passport' to scan before you go into any business, fly anywhere, and do anything. AKA china social score system. Congrats americans, you played yourself.


HeII. I don't even own a cell phone. Why do I "need" one?


what a bunch of horse puckey.


If you didn't see this coming you must have your head in the sand.

Husky Loyalist

Another Brown fiasco. Giving out nonsensible edicts and then have businesses enforce the unenforceable.. Just dump the masks. If I have been vaccinated and you have not then who will be harmed if we are together? No one. I can't give it to you and I can't catch it from you and you can't catch it from me. Fools running this pathetic state.


From the very top of government down, this administration has utterly failed at everything they have done.

Business owners, and especially their employees should never be placed in such a position.

That's not even taking into consideration the complete circus going on from the Oregon Capital on just this one issue. The Govornor is as unorganized and abstract on every issue except taxation. There, she knows exactly how to take from the working class, the remaining businesses and bring them financially to their knees.


Their arguement, is that even those of us that got vaccinated can get it, we can carry it. I still think if you chose not to get vaccinated, that is your right, but not my problem. Masks should be gone now.


brownshirt strikes again.


Regrettable for the businesses and employees, but completely predictable for even a first year psych student. Which means Oregon leadership is either completely incompetent, or they wanted to fuel this kind of division. Maybe both.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Oh the libs are easy to figure out. The only ones who can't, are the drones who keep voting for them.


very heavy on the incompetent part.


Portland is loaded with incompetent people!


Thank the democrats



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