CAMAS, WA (KPTV) - The Camas High School principal has resigned after backlash over a post she made on Facebook about the death of Kobe Bryant.

The Camas School District announced Friday that administrators had accepted the resignation of Dr. Liza Sejkora. 

District staff will communicate with families regarding a transition plan in the coming days. 

Sejkora was put on administrative leave earlier in the week, after threats were made against Sejkora.

The situation began when Sejkora made a social media post to her private Facebook page in the aftermath of Bryant’s death. Sejkora wrote, “Not gonna lie. Seems to me that karma caught up with a rapist today.”

Sejkora was referencing rape accusations from 2003 against the NBA icon, who died in a helicopter crash that killed eight other people.

Sejkora told FOX 12 this week that her post was “distasteful” and she deeply regretted it.

“You know, they say hindsight is 2020. I think in that visceral response to his death, I made a really bad choice, posted something that was in bad taste, and that’s what I’d like to rebuild from,” Sejkora told FOX 12 this week.

Superintendent Jeff Snell released a statement earlier in the week that said district staff members strive to provide a high standard for students, and “This situation did not meet that standard.”

On Friday, Sejkora said in a statement, “Students and staff deserve to have a learning environment free of disruptions.”

Students had planned a walkout from campus Wednesday, but it did not take place, as many students left school earlier in the day, expressing concern for their safety.

Administrators confirmed the Camas Police Department investigated several reported threats and rumors regarding the school, but they were not deemed credible.

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(14) comments


To die as well (typo)


Things to think about. What if the young lady lied about Kobe raping her. We are casting judgement on something we do not know if it is true or not. People lie to make money all the time. What if you were lied on. I wonder what the your judgement would be. Finally I guess the other 8 people deserved die as well.


Would love to see these lil trump supporters comment like this in person, instead of hiding behind their computers

Frederick Fukov

Oh please, grow up. This bitter little Chrissie Blasey Fraud me-tooer wannabe Schiff-canned herself when she posted that thoughtless, senseless, classless garbage. A person who would do something like that, has ZERO business being in a position of influence over young people. She blew it, and it has nothing to do with Trump, or any of us "deplorables" who voted for him. #internettoughguyscrackmeup


Free speech is being trampled on by The Liberal Cancel Culture, how many good people will be out of a job for saying something that is just a bit distasteful? Will they be coming after our thoughts next? Every time we allow this trampling of 1A, We ALL Lose A Bit More Freedom :-((. This is absolutely against this countries Constitution, We Keep Allowing This Liberal Socialist Ideology to Destroy America and Good Americans Must Stand and Fight To Save America!!


Freedom of speech protects you from retribution for the Government. It means the government cannot silence, imprison or threaten you because they do not like what you have to say. Freedom of speech does not protect you from the reactions of your community who may be offended by what you say.

Simple example, you are free to yell ‘gun!’ in a crowded room even if there is no gun. However, you are not free from the ire of the people who you just scared and any cost of expended resources, like police.

Words have power, and we all need to use that power wisely, no matter how big our influence is. She did not use her power wisely in that post, nothing is ‘private’ on the internet.

Frederick Fukov

What are you talking about? I'll bet there are far more conservatives up on Prune Hill in Camas than liberals. This isn't about first amendment. When you're in a position like she is, when you represent the town, the school, the district, and you're using language like she used, then you forfeit any right to be in that position. There is the first amendment, and then there's sheer stupidity and offending almost everybody. This chick flat blew it, and deserved to lose her job.

Mr pickles

Poor lady.

Frederick Fukov

Really? More like "poor husband and kids" if she has any. For her to get another position, it's not going to be in Camas, or pretty much anywhere in the area. So now she and her family will need to move. Now, if you're her husband, tell me you're not thinking about now "Hey honey, why couldn't you just..ya know..have kept your big pie-hole shut?" Not like we didn't have a great thing going here. I mean, if it were me, I'd divorce her and start over with someone who isn't a bitter headcase, but that's just me.


Kobe is burning in h-e-l-l right now for the rape from 2003...we can all breathe a sigh of relief that justice is served. I hope his victim has peace & closure.

Frederick Fukov

Yo Kelly, what a Christian thing to say. First of all, none of us know what actually happened in the hotel room in Colorado, but let me speculate with a lot more intelligence than you'll every display. The "victim," if she felt like what Kobe did was actual rape, she could have easily testified against him in criminal court, to make sure he got true justice. But she didn't. So one of two things happened. One, it was entirely consensual, and then it was a money grab, or it was borderline, that he was a little aggressive, but not to the degree where she wanted to ruin his life by making him go to prison, so she settled on a compromise. She felt she got retribution for whatever trauma she experienced, and she also knew that once it was made public, he was also going to suffer public persecution, pretty much for the rest of his life, and then some in his after-life. I mean, the guy is dead. So is his daughter. So are two other young girls, three family members, a female coach, and the pilot. You might wanna downshift on the whole "burn in h-e-l-l" thing. I mean, seriously. Whatever happened that night, dude spent the rest of his life being a great husband, father, and has done so much for so many people. I mean, do you even know the half of all the good Kobe has done for others? There's a reason why he is beloved, and it's not just because he was an awesome basketball player. Geezus H..let it go.


And are they going to tell us what threats were made and by whom? Will those making the threats be disciplined or fired, or arrested, depending on their seriousness?


You cannot speak the truth with todays social media. You are seen as a racist or worse. The rapist is dead, perhaps it really was Karma.

Frederick Fukov

Geezus H, what a bunch of absolute tools here, continuing to pile on and to slander Kobe Bryant. First of all, Kobe is not a rapist. He was never convicted of it, therefore he is not what you nor the idiot principal contend he was. If the girl chose to settle out of court, that's her business. She didn't have to. If what she thought he did was actual rape, she could have testified in criminal court, and THEN sued him in civil court. And btw, that's HER business..not yours. But go right ahead with your sanctimonious judgment of others, in matters of which you have no clue. Makes me wonder what kind of wonderful person you are, and what kind of choices you've made in life.

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