Police are asking for the public’s help after someone installed a skimmer on a local credit union’s ATM machine, taking money from multiple victims’ accounts.

The Woodland Police Department Tuesday said the crime occurred at Fibre Federal Credit Union Aug. 2 shortly after 6 p.m.

“As of just a few minutes ago, we received another phone call from a victim,” Woodland Police Chief, Jim Kelly said.

Chief Kelly said he isn’t sure exactly how many victims there are at this point but he told FOX12 he knows there’s multiple.

“This has happened once before, earlier this year, and we were able to track down all the victims,” he said. “There was only a couple, but in this case the suspects may have put the skimmer on there more than once," he added.

In fact, Chief Kelly said the skimmer could’ve been put on as early as July 29th.

“They obtain all your data and everything that we do as technology improves, so does the skimming capabilities of these skimmers that people are using, and they obtain your bank account information, your pin number,” he said.

Police have received surveillance photos from the credit union, showing a person of interest at the ATM last Thursday evening. A couple hours later, police said the person comes back and appears to remove something from the ATM.

Steven Jones wasn’t a victim, but uses the credit union’s ATM regularly.

“A little frustration, because this is the world we live in nowadays,” Jones said. “People try to do things like that and be dishonest.”

Jones said he does always look closely at any ATM he uses.

“I’ve been told reach up to where you put the card in, go ahead and grab that and try and see if it will come off, if there is a skimmer on it, that should come off,” Jones said.

Checking to see if something is off is what Woodland’s Police Chief recommends as well.

“If there are chips missing from the area around where you would place your card, that’s a clue,” Chief Kelly said. “If something looks out of the ordinary, don’t use that ATM.”

Chief Kelly said they will be patrolling near the ATM more often. He also said the credit union is still looking through its surveillance from the past couple weeks.

The skimming device was removed from the ATM shortly after 9 p.m., according to officers.

They’re asking anyone who recognizes the man in the photos or anyone who thinks they saw something suspicious at the bank Thursday evening to contact them at 360-225-6965 or police@woodlandpd.org.

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