PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The owner of a brand-new car says a stranger jumped on top of his Tesla in Portland and smashed his front windshield.

Toby Wickwire says the incident occurred near Southeast 36th and Schiller Street.

Wickwire says other people nearby have also reported damage to their vehicles, but they haven’t caught it on video; Lucky for Wickwire, his new 2019 Tesla Model 3 is equipped with an always-recording dash camera, which caught the stranger jumping on the hood and using his feet to smash the glass.

“I didn’t know that you could do that,” Wickwire said, laughing. “Kinda shocking to me, that you can just jump on a windshield and completely cave it in.”

Unlike his windshield, Wickwire says his attitude is still intact.

“I’m so glad I got this footage because other people don’t have video of this guy,” Wickwire said. ‘There would have been no chance of finding out who it was.”

Wickwire says he posted about the damage online and discovered that other people’s cars were also damaged early Thursday morning.

“Turns out, a couple other people within a few blocks of where I live had the exact same thing happen,” Wickwire said.

Wickwire says he has owned his new Tesla for two weeks and put the dash camera in a week ago.

Police have not confirmed if the three cars with smashed windshields are connected. Anyone who lives in the area and saw anything, or if anyone else’s car was damaged around 6 a.m. Thursday morning, is asked to call Portland police.

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(5) comments

DB Cooper

There's a stern slap on the wrist in store for this deadbeat.


Judicial system in Portland will do nothing to him that matters in stopping this kind of thing !! What should be done is locking him up till he pays all damages including court and attorney fees. While locked up if he has no way to pay the damages he needs to be put on work crews until he is able to pay it all off.

PS He also needs to pay room and board while locked up. When he is able to pay it all off then and only then should he be released. This is fair and the only way that things like this can be stopped. If he refuses to do honest work while locked up then his room accommodations and food should be cut back until it gets desired results !!




What a quality member of our society that young man is! His parents & grandparents would be so proud... I thought it was "Keep Portland Weird" not "Make Portland A Patheticaly Sad & Disturbing Place" as this fine member of our community is doing???


Great having the dash cam, now it's just a matter of time before they arrest the loser.

Start squirming loser.

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