Caught on camera: Bus sliding down hill crashes into multiple cars


Dramatic viewer video out of southwest Portland shows an out-of-control school bus smash into a truck.

This happened on Southwest 26th Avenue just down the hill from Capitol Highway, which is closed to traffic this morning.

As the bus slid down the hill, it sideswiped one car then hit a pickup, which then crashed into another car.

Kathryn King was standing outside of her apartment and was able to get the video on her cell phone.

“When it hit, I stopped recording and I ran over to the bus to see if everyone was okay, but she didn't open the bus up or tell us anything,” she said. “The bus driver was trying to get a hold of someone but there were so many bus accidents going on, buses slipping off the road, it was hard for her to get a hold of anyone at dispatch.”

King told FOX 12 it took a while for someone to get to the driver and children but that eventually they did and got them away.

Officials with Portland Public Schools said they are looking into why the driver had not put chains on the bus.

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