VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) – Police are asking for help to catch FOX 12’s Most Wanted, who went into a Vancouver liquor store and made off with some expensive labels.

The theft was also was caught on camera. In this surveillance video, three girls are seen walking into Liquor & Wine off Northeast Fourth Plain Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon, then two boys follow right after.

The owners tell FOX 12 as soon as they came in, the employee asked for their IDs, but instead, they started grabbing bottles.

So, the worker went to call 911 and tried to stall them from leaving, but they ended up getting away with more than $2,000 worth of liquor.

“We were all heartbroken. My dad and my family work long and hard every single day to provide for our family, and the fact that someone could just come in and steal so much liquor in such a short amount of time is just ridiculous and not fair,” said Emma King, whose family owns the liquor store. “I can’t believe they had the guts to do that. It’s crazy.”

If you think you recognize anyone in the video or have any information about the case, give Vancouver police a call.

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(15) comments


[censored] These thugs are using the substance that created slavery. Alcohol is what tribal chiefs traded for their people into slavery . So these girls will get drunk and prostitute themselves, the cycle never ends.


Easily solved, 2 sets of doors 8 to 10 feet apart. One set can only be opened when the other set has closed. Cashier has botton that will lock both sets of doors.

Frederick Fukov

Then she would have been brutally attacked. Unless she had a shotgun to protect herself, there's no way she could have stopped 'em.

No Place Like Home

These black lives don't matter to me nor do any color of criminal thug! I also don't believe the black dude killed by the police officer was killed because he was black. He was known by police to be a problem and they had lost their patience with him which wasn't right but only a hate crime if you hate criminals.

Facts Matter

100% agree.


If those store owners had half a brain they would have had themselves armed and could have stopped their product from going off the property by young ghetto thugs!!

Frederick Fukov

And if they had shot and kiIIed the young people for a property crime, when there was no threat of physical harm to the store employee, the employee would be up on murder charges, and the store owners would be sued by the families of the "victims." I thought about a scenario in which the store employee immediately calls 911, pulls a shotgun, locks the door, points the barrel at the perps, forces them to lie down, and holds 'em there until the cops show up. But even THEN, the store employee would be charged. That's how backwards and f'd up things are these days. The criminals have rights, and the cops and protective store owners are the bad guys.

Frederick Fukov

Black Lives Matter and Michael Ferguson was just a nice boy. You can't deny what we're seeing on the news right now. Large groups of black people breaking windows, looting stores, setting fires, shooting and kiIIing other black people. Why should any of us pay any attention to, and give any legitimacy at all to the Black Lives Matter "movement?" Like pretty much everything else perpetuated by the liberal media, it's a complete and total farce. Black leaders should be on CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal media puppet shows, denouncing this garbage. But they're not. Instead, they double down and use this to blame republican policies for causing this behavior. Yeah bet. It's all justifiable..right? Wow..


This is what we will see more than you know. Even if they catch them nothing will come of it. Everyone is afraid to do anything to them. This is what the movement is all about everything for free.

Frederick Fukov

This is their form of "justifiable reparations," because someone in their ancestory was wronged 150-200 years ago.


BLM members are above the law, didn't you know that?


Welcome to Black Culture


A Mossberg 500 and a box of 000 is much cheaper than a $2k loss from an amateur grab & go operation.


Welcome to your own self-induced nightmare, Washingtonians.

Hang on to your guns, folks

and Mr. Trump, buildup that wall

and PGE, put some juice to it.


Criminals dont care about your family or how hard you work, they only care about themselves.

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