CCA brings music, fun and hope to children fighting cancer


The sweet sounds of the song "In Summer" from Disney's "Frozen," fill Samantha Hatting's hospital room.

A music specialist from the Children's Cancer Association visits Samantha's room regularly as part of the MyMusicRx program.

“She teaches you how to play keys and tunes,” Samantha, 8, said. “I've been singing since I was a little kid.”

Samantha has been in and out of the hospital for cancer treatments for more than five months now, and she says the music has been one of the bright spots.

Doctors first diagnosed Samantha with acute lymphoblastic leukemia right after she started second grade in Tualatin.

“She just popped fevers and got really pale,” Samantha’s mom Jessica explained. “We took her to the doctor and that’s how we found out through blood draw that all her platelets and blood was extremely low, and that’s how they found out she had leukemia.”

Jessica said the diagnosis means two and a half years of cancer treatments, so Samantha’s room at Randall Children's Hospital has become the family's second home, due in large part, she said, because of the doctors, nurses and, of course, the CCA.

“It doesn't feel like a hospital, it feels like a home,” she said. “The CCA, they've just made this so much easier to handle, because they're like family, they're always here.”

For Samantha's eighth birthday, the CCA treated her to a very special trip from the hospital to the Moda Center to meet her favorite team.

“It was a Blazers suite. It was super fun. We got to see Damian Lillard!” Samatha said. “It was awesome. I got a little shy when I saw the players.”

The CCA provides all kinds of fun experiences for kids like Samantha, but it's more than just special outings, music and joy. It's friendship, too.

Samantha has a Chemo Pal named Lauren who visits her at the hospital.

“Lauren, she keeps me company when I get bored when I get chemo,” she explained.

“They really, really go to the extent of finding the perfect person for her, and when we met her Chemo Pal Lauren, they just automatically hit it off,” Jessica said. “She was the perfect find for Samantha, and they just fell in love with each other.

Jessica says she can't imagine what these hospital stays would be like without the loving support of the CCA.

“It just brightens her spirit, I mean it brings the kid back to her.”

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