PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - State health leaders listed him as the youngest Oregonian to die from COVID-19, but it turns out 26-year-old Matthew Irvin of Yamhill County didn’t have the virus when he died in July.

Family members of Irvin told FOX 12 they’ve been fighting for answers since their son died in his home.

New testing conducted by the CDC confirmed Irvin did not have the coronavirus when he died, according to his parents.

The Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office said Irvin’s sample sent to the CDC tested negative for COVID-19.

The family said back in July, Irvin became very sick and went to the hospital, where he was told he might have COVID-19. A test was administered to find out and he was sent home.

Matthew Irvin family photo

Matthew Irvin, photo provided by family to FOX 12. 

Irvin’s step-father told FOX 12 that a couple days later, Irvin’s condition became a lot worse, so the family called the hospital to alert them that they were bringing Irvin back -- that’s when the family says they were told by the hospital not to come back unless Irvin was having trouble breathing.

Irvin ended up dying at home shortly after.

A few days after his death, the family said it received word that Irvin’s COVID test came back negative.

The family ended up having a private autopsy performed on Irvin’s body and a sample was sent to the CDC for further testing.

The family says they are now trying to get other reports back from the state that may shed more light into how Irvin died.

Meanwhile, FOX 12 reached out to the Oregon Health Authority, asking if the authority corrected the COVID-19 death toll and removed Irvin’s name from the list.

Irvin’s death also begs the question – how reliable is the information that OHA uses to tally the deadly coronavirus cases?

FOX 12 never heard back directly from OHA Wednesday, but the agency did put out a note in its daily release Wednesday saying, "Updated information is available for Oregon’s 295th COVID-19 death, a 26-year-old man in Yamhill County. The updated death certificate does not list COVID-19 disease or SARS-CoV-2 as a cause of death or as a significant condition that contributed to his death, and he is no longer considered a COVID-19 related death or case."

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(11) comments

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

They are inflating the numbers to make Trump look bad, no other reason


Back in July, false negatives would have been pretty high: Up to 37% in some places. So, his test coming back negative isn't an indicator he didn't die from Covid-19, only that the test may have been administered incorrectly, or was just a bad test.

Much like a pregnancy test, false negatives are likely, but false positives are not.


How does a possible false negative in July change the CDC test that says he did not have Covid-19? Am I reading you incorrectly here?


That young man was used as a pawn by OHS for the chinese virus of course that isn't what he actually died of since their is no covid it's all a lie!!!


This is sad but good news. While I feel very badly for his family, I admire their tenacity in getting to the facts of this, and their fight to get the accurate information in play. I think we will find that the Wuhan Flu is less lethal than predicted and that the small business owners were destroyed for...who knows what nefarious reasons. Regardless, time to get living again.


The virus scam continues!!!


The government of Oregon covers up it's own lies by saying the president lies...

How remarkable is that Katie?


So, is OHS going to update his information with the actual cause of death? Or, left as is, will it read "incorrectly diagnosed SARS-Cov2 then subsequently neglected patient"?

Mr Q

Makes one wonder how many other “covid19 deaths” actually did NOT have covid19.....


The OHA seems to be the pillar of incompetence. There are probably may more attributed Covid deaths that aren’t.

Alan W

He did not die of Covid but he certainly died from medical malpractice. Told to go home and did not receive diagnosis or treatment because the medical team was focused how to diagnose it as Covid!!!???

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