Truck hits, kills 4-year-old boy in Beaverton

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BEAVERTON, OR (KPTV) – A 4-year-old boy was struck and killed in a parking lot of an apartment complex in Beaverton on Monday, according to police.

Police said the crash happened at the Hunter's Run Apartments on Schendel Avenue.

A Portland General Electric truck hit the boy in the back of the parking lot, according to officials.

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue reported the boy was transported to a hospital with life-threatening injuries but he later died.

Beaverton police said the driver stayed at the scene and there are currently no criminal charges.

A spokesman for Portland General Electric issued the following statement to FOX 12:

“This accident is tragic and our hearts are with the child’s family and loved ones. We’re working closely with emergency responders to understand what happened.”

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Pretty much guaranteed the driver will lose their job regardless of who was at fault for this accident.

Frederick Fukov

First of all, I'm surprised that you even know what the word "job" means. Secondly, which is harder..getting another job..or getting one's child's life back?


That's not necessarily true. The driver of the PGE truck won't lose their job, just because they run someone over. Remember, as long as the driver was not at fault, didn't intend to run the kid over and only realized that he'd hit a child as he went and saw the child lying there, unless they are not like most humans, they experienced a shock unlike anything most people can even imagine. The trauma from that can be extensive, even life changing, for that individual. It's something that anyone who hasn't suffered such experience can only try to imagine.

Frederick Fukov

This was my worst nightmare as a father, that when my son was young, and could not watch out for himself, that if I got complacent..even for a few seconds, that something might happen to him. Once he learned to get out of his play pen, I wouldn't even go to the bathroom without bringing him in so I could keep an eye on him. Young children, who are so curious and in constant need of exploration, you just have to stay with them every moment they're awake. I feel so bad for the parents, the driver, and for the neighbors. Terrible thing that will never go away. Little lives are so precious..they need to be protected from others, and from themselves.

Native Born

This is so tragic! I don`t know as if I could drive again if I hit & injured anyone let alone kill someone. In the crowded residential areas we seem to have more of than when we 1st started driving, I travel extremely slowly as you never know when a young child is going to pop up out between a parked vehicle.At times in Hillsboro where we do a lot of residential work in very crowded neighborhoods, I travel < 10 mph & just crawl along the crowded streets with dozens of parked cars.

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