PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Portland city leaders have announced plans to remove a homeless encampment next to Laurelhurst Park in southeast Portland.

The city posted the camp for removal Monday morning, leaving residents anxious about what's next.

"I’m just wondering where they want us to go. Cause this is like a last resort for a lot of people," said a camper who goes by "Randall."

In a joint statement Monday morning, all five city commissioners said they were unified in their decision to "act immediately at Laurelhurst Park, in the interest of public safety and public health." Commissioners cited a recent incident in which two guns were drawn and a city contractor threatened.

"Because the city chose not to enforce any laws, rules, or city codes, a culture of lawnessness just flourished there and placed pretty much everybody in danger," said T.J. Browning, Safety Chair for the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association.

For many who stay at the camp, it's not the first time they've had to leave. A woman who goes by "Mama Zeigh" said her previous campsite was cleared also, and she doesn't want to leave the people she's come to know at Laurelhurst.

"This is a really cohesive community. We take care of each other medically. There’s not enough food out here, so we all share food and water," said Zeigh.

The City of Portland last cleared the Laurelhurst campsite in November, 2020.

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(6) comments


Should have been cleared months ago this is normal for liberals they need to open up their homes for these people if they so concerned about their welfare.


Pics or it doesn't happen. Maybe a Google sat tracking of the area to follow movement. One thing for sure, it's not just going to disappear.


Send them to Ted and Jo Ann’s homes.


“Those poor innocent homeless families that lost everything due to covid, they have rights to camp” -Clueless Homeless Activist


Helped to remove a homeless camp in my neighbors yard and it have several packages stolen of nearby poaches.

Then there was the trash that accumulated over 2 days.


Perhaps we can start a fund to buy all these folks a one-way bus ticket to San Diego. I am in for some $$

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