City of Beaverton approves new rules to allow food cart pods

Erwina Barney's food cart in Beaverton.

The Beaverton City Council has given their final approval to a new food cart pod text amendment.

There was a public hearing on June 10 to consider an amendment to the development code to allow food cart pods in certain commercial, industrial, and multiple use zoning districts.

The council approved the amendment on Tuesday.

"Food carts can really add to the vibrancy of a city," said Mayor Denny Doyle. "Beaverton has some of the best ethnic restaurants in the region--and with the addition of even more choices, residents and visitors will choose Beaverton when deciding where to eat."

Currently, food carts in Beaverton are allowed on a particular site for only seven hours a day, and only one cart is allowed per site.

The City of Beaverton said new rules would allow multiple food carts stay on a single site continuously.

"I'm really excited about it, I love coming here to this food place and have frequented ones in Portland before so I'm excited to have that opportunity here," said food cart customer Skip Hansen.

So is food cart owner Erwina Barney.

"It's my passion. I love to cook, and my goal is to put up a restaurant in the future," she said from her Beaverton cart, Erwina's Inasal Filipino BBQ.

Barney used to run her food cart in SE Portland, but when her landlord had to sell she had to move.

She found her new home in Beaverton, but right now she spends a few hours each night packing up the truck and is excited about the possibility of joining a permanent pod.

The new rules include:

-Pods must be located on asphalt or concrete surface for sanitation and access purposes. -Food cart pods that provide seating must provide access to restrooms on site or on an adjacent parcel. -Structures for customer use must remain under 200 square feet and 15 feet in height. -Pods must be setback at least 20 feet from residential zoning districts.-A minimum of one parking space per cart is required in commercial and office industrial zones. There are no parking minimums for food cart pods in multiple use zones.-Potable and wastewater connections must meet state plumbing code. -Carts must use electrical hookups, no generators.-All utilities must be located underground.

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