City of Portland considers portable toilets as way to deal with too much human waste

Image: City of Portland

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The City of Portland is looking into adding porta-potties to some public space to deal with human waste.

Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Office sent FOX 12 some options being considered. The office says Portland’s housing crisis is leaving people without access to restrooms, showers and laundry facilities.

The city takes as many as 450 complaints per week of human waste in public spaces and says large amounts of it left on public and private property is costly to clean up.

According to the officials, the city spends $26,000 per year to clean it up.

The portable toilets are an option being considered. The toilets would be staffed with two attendants 12 hours a day and seven days a week.

The toilets could be located in inner southeast, downtown, and outer east Portland. Other options could include mobile outreach trailers and mobile showers.

The goal is not only to reduce human waste, but also reduce the number of hypodermic needles left in the open and prevent the outbreak of disease.

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(6) comments


What I learned today is that solving a problem is not ever going to happen so just accomodate the offenders. Other great ideas comming soon motorized shopping carts with sleeper compartments for convenience of hobos. Open space concierge at evey park for urban campers. Lawn room service with free food for outdoorsy folk. Change bike paths to drugs for free zone. Im running for City Council. Vote for Napoleon!


You realize that homeless people are PEOPLE, right? Just like you and I they do the same things we do. And yeah, a lack of accommodations is EXACTLY a big part of the issue. How can you fail to grasp such a simple concept? I hope some day you end up on the streets, that should be a nice wakeup call for you.


You hope someone ends up on the street because they don't share your opinion?


Or perhaps you believe the homeless population should just somehow cease with the bodily functions. Cause in your mind providing accommodations to solve the problem of a lack of accommodations is somehow going to be ineffective at solving the problem of a lack of accommodations. Quite the mental gymnast you are.


Oh the wisdom of the City Fathers... a $27,000.00 problem will become a $400,000.00 boondoggle or perhaps we should believe the portable toilets and the workers are free? Let's not even begin to have a conversation about security at these Poop and Shoot stations.


You got that right !!

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