Dec. 21 Salem protest

SALEM, OR (KPTV) – The city government of Salem has released a statement in response to Monday’s protest outside the Capitol building, in which several demonstrators were arrested.

On Tuesday morning, the City of Salem released the following, attributed to city officials:

“Our City is home to the State Capitol, the seat of government for Oregon.  This makes us a host for many groups and activities in which people exercise their rights of free speech to be heard by those elected to serve, the Legislature, and the Governor.  We take that responsibility – and public safety – seriously, regardless of the content of the speech or the ideology of the groups.  When free speech crosses over to physical threats to elected officials, law enforcement, and residents, the City will act to protect public safety,” said Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett.

“Today’s use of force by individuals to stop the Legislature’s special session is appalling. I thank the Oregon State Police and Salem Police Department for their swift action.  Our democratic process must be protected,” continued Mayor Bennett.

Mayor Bennett and Salem City Council President Chris Hoy added, “During recent protests, speech has occurred that is racist and offensive.  We condemn and reject racist speech that spews hatred and vile. There is no place for hate in Salem, and the City will act to protect residents from actions that threaten their safety.”

The city’s statement comes a day after tension outside the Capitol building. Oregon lawmakers had gathered for their third special session during the COVID-19 pandemic. Monday’s session was held to debate an $800 million proposal by Gov. Kate Brown which would fund pandemic and wildfire relief.

While legislators convened inside, hundreds were outside on the Capitol mall to protest Oregon’s COVID-19 restrictions. Chants of “open up” were heard.

Dec. 21 Salem protest

Throughout the day, some demonstrators forcefully entered the Capitol building, breaking its current protocol of not allowing public visitors.

An unlawful assembly was declared, and Oregon State Police arrested four protesters. OSP is also seeking a man who is believed to have attempted to enter the building Monday afternoon and may have attacked two reporters.

Dec. 21 Salem protest

In its statement Tuesday, the City of Salem said it is “prepared for announced upcoming marches and demonstrations.  The Salem Police Department will act to protect public safety and uphold the laws necessary to maintain order.”

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(27) comments


Maybe if they didn't try to hide behind closed doors so they can do their dubious deeds, this wouldn't be in issue. Hypocrites!

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

No (Mayor of Salem.) The thing that's most appalling is how that dingbat (first openly bi-governor) has seized control and power over the rest of this state. Bad news for any future openly bi gubernatorial candidates, because the first one has turned out to be a colossal embarrassment.



Got to "love you statement", “Today’s use of force by individuals to stop the Legislature’s special session is appalling".

You're a real hoot or better yet a complete joke! You must be from the left! You whine about a little disruption caused by the right? Maybe if you spoke out about the left wing dingbats who had a free-for-all in Portland for 110+ days I'd listen. But it's obvious that your head is as far in the dark (read between the lines) and our Mayor "Spineless" Wheeler up here who supported the disruption and violence perpetrated on the Law Enforcement of Portland nightly.

You so called public servants are simple mouth pieces for the democratic/Soros party line. Congratulations, you belong in Salem near to our Governor "I'll kill all small business" Brown shirt. She can't decide for herself until Inslee tells her what to say. Are yo such a hard line politician that you can't accept the right of the people to be heard? Toppling statues is okay with you? Attacks on Law Enforcement by the left fits with your mantra? Perhaps you're an antifa plant?


A half year of rioting, looting, muggings, arson and MURDER by the Left and it is "a civic duty" and "courageous" .

A group of patriots protest losing their constitutional rights and NOW that is considered 'appalling'?

THIS is the Marxist world that is Oregon... and it will only get worse.


If it was BLM it would be acceptable to have riots and looting for 3 months.

Delta Bravo

Hang in there!!! Ted is on his way to Salem to help you out and show you the finer points of First Amendment exercise. Additionally, can you please publish the racist comments so we can all decide whether they are racist as opposed to the government interpreting speech for us?


Jesus Christ, the people in the comment section are so dumb. No one wonder the republican party is the least educated.


Maybe you should proof read before you call names.


At least they’re not sheep.


And yet, @Justinalv, here you are. Weird huh?


Justinalv you really need to get some new material you say the same thing over and over. Also wouldn't it be racist calling black people who are Republicans "least educated" than Democrats? You really don't sound very smart yourself.


Amen to that !!!


How is that racist? I'm pointing out a fact. It has nothing to do with skin color.

"Highly educated adults – particularly those who have attended graduate school – are far more likely than those with less education to take predominantly liberal positions across a range of political values. And these differences have increased over the past two decades."


Justinalv, attended grad school in what, basket weaving? This independent website means nothing. I suppose you think that Wikipedia is completely truthful as well?


Talk about lack of education !! You take the cake !!


Oh no the left calling people racist, what ever shall we do.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Oh spare me the selective self righteous indignation. Salem has had..what? A few days of this? Because of Gov. Gladys Kravitz, the residents of Portland had to deal with six months of that garbage, and it was FAR worse than anything that's happened with the "open up" protesters.


Without video from both sides, and statements from protestors, this is a biased article. Journalism is gone. News is dead. All that is left are hypocrites.


Fox is owned by Disney, it is all fantasy now.


Wasn't the point of the protests that they made all the special sessions closed when they are suppose to be open?


Mayor Bennett, you haven’t seen anything yet!


Agreed and if he keeps shooting off his mouth he will see what can really happen !! My guess is he is one of those liberals himself


'City of Salem condemns anti-lockdown protesters at Capitol during special session, mayor calls actions of some ‘appalling’ But somehow if the people identified as BLM and Antifa, they would have been welcome with open arms by both the mayor and the governor.


How true !!


It is always sad to see someone embarrass themself by revealing their lack of education and understanding of their own government. We ALL condemn the anti-lockdown protestors...shoving reporters and themselves into the Building during a time when it was not permitted...they are not obeying any rules...Antifa is not welcome by anyone that I am aware of...and what's your beef with obviously are racist and have NO clue what BLM is all about...just like you have NO clue about Covid-19 and how it is spread and how people ARE dead from it.....I did not see too many AK-47's this time...where are they?


Gosh-O-GOLLY! Once again we see the left gets away with rioting, vandalism and violence...two tiered 'enforcement'????


Why do you think that the Salem protestors are from the left? LOL

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