Clackamas Co. Commissioners draft letter to Gov. Brown on COVID-19 restrictions

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CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR (KPTV) – Commissioners in Clackamas County spent time at their meeting on Thursday to draft a strongly worded letter to Governor Kate Brown on why they think she’s wrong in moving the county back to tighter restrictions. It was signed by all five commissioners.

Over the two pages, it asks for a few things including a two-week caution period before being moved to the “high risk” category for fear of all the restrictions that come along with that label.

The letter says businesses in the county have operated safely in the moderate risk level since February 26 and they believe they can continue to do so. It goes on to say that moving into the “high risk” level with tighter restrictions with such short notice, could seriously harm businesses that have struggled so much already.

The letter also addresses rising COVID cases in the county, but cites outbreaks connected to school activities as one of the main culprits. Commissioners note that hospital capacity in Clackamas County is stable and they want the Governor to consider that as a metric over case counts.

The main concern from commissioners is the economic impact of the tighter restrictions. “This is the straw that broke the camels back, we cannot accept it, people must be allowed to work and prosper. No amount of cares act money, federal money, state money can replace the industry of the people,” said Commissioner Paul Savas.

The letter also addresses worries over the accelerated vaccine timeline, saying the ambitious plan doesn’t match with the vaccine supply available.

FOX 12 reached out to the Governor’s office Thursday night for comment on the letter, but have not heard back.

All this comes as the Oregon Health Authority reported 678 new cases of COVID-19 in the state on Thursday, 65 of them being from Clackamas County.

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(8) comments

Maddog 10

The state of Texas is fully opened no mask mandate and they are doing fine, the whole state is laughing at the rest of the country but what the heck our country is the laughing stock of the World right now.


Large corporations that sell mostly products from China like Walmart are open with hundreds of people going in and out! Small businesses should be able to do the same. Shame on you Kate Brown.


Just tell comrade brown to take a hike.


99.8% survival rate for the US. How about that science!


How dare they question Kate’s socialist mandates!


The commissioners should have just sent Kate the tyrant queen a letter showing her the middle finger and underneath in about a size 72 font the words 'F.U.' we are done playing your games.


lol [thumbup][thumbup]

Cat of the Canals

Clackamas Co. Commissioners appear to have made valid arguments, and proposed a viable compromise. I think their idea is worth a try.

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