Clark Co. Sheriff’s Office investigating after man sexually assaults calf at dairy farm

Surveillance image of the suspect. 

VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) - A disturbing story at a Vancouver dairy farm, where deputies say a man in a mask sneaked into a barn and made inappropriate contact with a calf. 

The incident occurred Nov. 1 at the dairy on Northeast 162nd Avenue.

Surveillance video from the dairy farm shows a man walking inside the barn. At one point, he ducks behind a bale of hay, hiding from an employee.

Later, he puts on a mask, takes his shorts off and climbs in the pen, where he stays for about half an hour.

The operations manager at the farm says she’s shocked. She hopes the man is caught and she doesn’t think this is his first time.

“I’ve got somebody here now 24/7. You know, if they’re at the other end of the barn, the guy hid behind a bale of hay when my guy came in so, I don’t know what you can do. You can't be everywhere all the time,” said operations manager Diane Anderson.

Anderson believes the same man sneaked into the barn over the summer. If you know anything, call deputies.

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(5) comments


I hope they finally catch you David Cavasos! [angry]


Holy cow, that is udderly disgusting! Sounds like a c#ck and bull story to me. The Hamburglar went too far this time. Stealing cheeseburgers isn't enough? Now he has to take their innocence before they become a hamburger? Patty is going to be traumatized after finding out she'll no longer be certified organic and all natural after being contaminated with mystery meat. She'll probably need cow-nseling.

William R

So did he do “it” calf style?


I think her milkshake brought that boy to the yard.


I hope they catch this deviant. This is so disgusting and depraved, not to mention the damage, perhaps, done to the calf.

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