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CLARK COUNTY, WA (KPTV) – A local sheriff is taking action against a controversial symbol meant to honor fallen officers and show solidarity with law enforcement.

The thin blue line flag is now removed from anything associated with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. In a directive sent out late last week, Sheriff Chuck Atkins told all workers that fall under the Clark County Sheriff’s Office to remove all thin blue line materials from uniforms, cars, and office buildings.

The symbol is sometimes flown as a flag or attached as a sticker and has drawn attention in the past, like when it was flown next to confederate flags at a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017.

Last year, Multnomah County agreed to pay a black employee $100,000 who says she was harassed for asking that a blue lives matter flag not be displayed in her office.

Atkins spoke about the decision to remove the symbol during a Juneteenth webinar with the NAACP, saying he didn’t want a sticker to be the reason people might be afraid to come to law enforcement for help.

“I'm not gonna let that little sticker be the divide among people in the community who will be afraid to come to us because of that,” Atkins said. “I will remove that sticker, we're still the same people. So, I hope the actions they see we take says we want to be part of the solution.”

Atkins admits he’s received flack from members of law enforcement for the decision, but says he still believes it’s the correct one. The sheriff’s office on Tuesday afternoon confirmed that all of the stickers had been removed.

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(8) comments


Enough already. Police that die in the line of duty deserve SO much better than weak unfit sheep bowing to political power


We continue to cater to the few while leaving the masses behind. The sheriff is not the Savior. If he leaves the masses to chase the most sheep, the other sheep fall off the cliff.

Land of the Free!

This is just pathetic!!!

What next the flag of The United States of America, The Star-Spangled Banner, History books, In God We Trust?

Alexander Marinesko

Once the thin blue line is taken down, all statues torn down and all the pictures in congress removed, racism will be gone...........................


You missed the point by several million miles.


A time when we need strength and all we have is weakness. What’s next, the headstones of the fallen?


A time when we need strength and all we have is weakness. What’s next Atkins, the headstones of the fallen?


Honoring officers - bad

Rainbow/BLM stickers- OK!

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