Cold, wet winter and spring impacting some NW berries, others thriving


A stretch of warm, sunny weather is turning out to be a good thing for farmers across the Northwest – in particular, berry farms.

The harsh winter did leave its mark on some crops, however. A handful of farmers say their marionberry crops aren't as good as years past. They say the berries are smaller and there aren't as many on the bushes.

The strawberry crop was also impacted by a wet May, which kept the season shorter than normal.

But some berries are thriving. At Bella Organic on Sauvie Island, they say their certified organic blueberries are doing great.

"They are looking absolutely beautiful right now," said Samara Hashem with Bella Organic. "They were great, they started a little earlier than we were expecting."

She says the recent warm weather has helped the blueberries but the blackberries as well.

"We've had some really warm days but we have had some really not-too-hot, not-too-cold days and that's what the berries love," Hashem said.

The harsh winter and wet spring early on did prompt a little bit of concern for some farmers.

"It frightens you just a little bit but once you pull that weather forecast up and you see that sunshine it changes everything real quick," Hashem said.

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