Columbia County Park's Department boat stolen from Scappoose Marina


The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office says a boat belonging to Columbia County’s Parks Department was stolen from a Scapposse marina Saturday.

“One of the first thoughts was how are we going to replace that,” said Casey Garrett, Director of General Services for Columbia County.

Garrett is talking about a boat belonging to the county’s Parks Department.

“Sometime between 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. yesterday morning, our parks maintenance boat was stolen from the Coon Island marina outside of Scappoose,” he said.

Garrett said he thinks the person who took it from the private marina it was stored in, kayaked right up to it.

“I guess there was a yellow kayak left in its place with some pry bars and things in in,” Garrett said.

He said it’s the only boat they have, and they can’t go without it.

“We have several parks on the river, up and down the Columbia River and the Multnomah channel,” Garrett said. “We use it for the general routine maintenance and for any work that’s related to our park facilities on the water.”

He also said it’s a custom-made boat, built by students at Scappoose High School.

“It’s got some sentimental value in that way and it’s a very nice boat, works really well for what we need it for,” Garrett said. “I know that it will be very hard to replace for anything under $20,000.”

And he said with the county’s Parks Department already difficult to fund, he hopes someone spots it and spots it fast.

“It’s our primary piece of equipment to use to get things up and down the window and keep our parks in good condition,” said Garrett. “It’s a pretty important tool for us to have.”

Garrett said the boat has a unique design and also stands out with the county logo on it.

If you have any information, contact the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.


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