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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - City Commissioners voted Thursday on several budget amendments that will reduce funding for the Portland Police Bureau.

The budget vote comes after two weeks of protests calling for police reform after the death of George Floyd.

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who introduced four of the budget amendments, said they amount to about a $16 million reduction for the bureau, and the elimination of 107 full time equivalent positions.

"I never started with a number in mind," Hardesty said. "What I started with was what are the programs that I already know have racially disparate outcomes and those are the programs I was committed to cutting."

As part of the reductions, the city will eliminate the Police Bureau's Gun Violence Reduction Team, SERT Team, and transit officers.

Hardesty said the funding would be re-allocated to community-based programs as well as $4.8 million that will go to fund Portland Street Response, a program launched by Hardesty that features an EMT and social worker responding to people dealing with mental health issues or houselessness.

Commissioners also approved ending the bureau's School Resource Officer program and removing $2 million in funding for the bureau through the city's Cannabis Tax Revenues.

While commissioners approved several budget amendments, the overall city budget still needs to be approved. Now, there will need to be a second reading.

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(22) comments


Property values crash when police are cut back from patrols. Insurance rates will skyrocket with more crime. Expect a 50% crash in the Portland Housing Market. Here in Las Vegas the Police force is expanding. I'll blame Trump. TRUMP 2020




The cartels will be so much happier.


I vote that we DEFUND the Portland City Council and REMOVE all police protection from City Hall!

Just curious

[thumbup]I'll secod that motion

Roberto Estrello Demar

Best suggestion I've seen in YEARS!


If anything, funds need to be added, or redirected to training officers to prevent the use of extreme force. Cutting funding is asking for more trouble, IMO.


Well la-te-da! Now we know where all the criminals are going to go! Please, stay in YOUR city and do not move to the rural areas. We do not need your progressive stupidity or you helping to elect the morons you've elected in your city here. Also remember, we're keeping our police and our armed Rednecks . . . which you don't like and don't want to see. Be the crime haven you've dreamed of and prove us wrong!


It's time for everyone to prepare to defend your property because we are going to be on our own.


City hall and the commissioners should cut all police protection at city hall.

If they really believe we have to many officers.


Well said!

Just curious

[thumbup]Great idea.


So, we are OK with a council member diverting funds from public services to her own non-government organization


Absolutely unbelievable, isn't it? No bias here...nope.


This is really poor decision making. What we need is education, equality, and disipline within police departments for racially aggressive behavior, NOT to eliminate positions in a department that is already strapped. Clearly anyone who wants to eliminate positions from these areass doesn't ride public transit, hasn't been in a hostage situation or at the wrong end of a gun. This is an egregious misappropriation of public funds and does nothing to increase safety on Portland streets! What a load of dung

Roberto Estrello Demar

WELL Said!



pb sir

I'm not sure that we've ever had such a creature on the City Council before... one that sees absolutely everything through the concept of race, only.


That is an INSULT...to creatures everywhere!


If I was inclined to criminal activity, I know where I’d go.


Police Bureau's Gun Violence Reduction Team, SERT Team, and transit officers.

Eliminated because they arrest black criminals, can't have that.


I'm thinking we should just divide the United States - literally. One side stays west of the Mississippi, and the other side stays east of it. Pick your side and stay there.

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