PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Kids may not be in school for the first part of flu and cold season, but experts say with a new virus in the mix, it's still a good idea for parents to know the difference between the common cold and COVID-19.

Cough, sore throat and body aches are all symptoms of the common cold, but also COVID-19, according to doctors and medical experts.

"There are certain symptoms such as the loss of taste or smell that are very specific to COVID-19," said Dr. Neil Gokal with Southwest Medical.

COVID can also come with shortness of breath and a fever, but it can take some time to feel those symptoms, according to Dr. Gokal.

"We can see infection as soon as two days, but as late as 14 days as well," said Dr. Gokal.

The symptoms can mimic those of the flu as well. With flu season close by, health experts said stay home if you feel sick, no matter what the list of symptoms.

"Nobody should be going anywhere if they even think they have a mild cold," said Dara Kapoor, Executive Director of Health.com

Even if someone is not sure what the have, experts said quarantine until the symptoms are gone.

COVID-19 and the flu can last at least a week, according to experts and although different viruses, the same methods can be used to prevent them.

"You don't touch your face," said Kapoor. "You wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds."

When kids do go back to school, health experts said don't send them even if they're feeling even slightly under the weather.

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Frederick Fukov

In other words..life is full of risks, and we live in a nanny state.

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