Community has mixed reactions over Springwater Corridor sweep

Tina Barnes brought coffee and donuts for those being forced out of the Springwater Corridor. (KPTV)

A lot of people came out on Thursday to watch how the Springwater Corridor sweep was handled. Some were pleased to see the massive move out, while others are upset this is the step the City of Portland has chosen to take.

Tina Barnes is with the Rose City Backpacks of Hope. She is one of many volunteers who hand out full backpacks to those living on the streets in hopes to make their day a little brighter.

Thursday was a tough day for Barnes as she saw many people she has helped in the past forced out of the area.

"I'm here in support of them because this is a gross injustice," said Barnes.

One woman is out on the trail to show support for homeless ahead of #SpringWaterSweep @fox12oregon— Kandra Kent (@KandraKPTV) September 1, 2016

The neighbors and business owners that have been pressuring the city to do something about the Springwater Corridor for months are happy to see the sweep.

One neighbor said he hopes once the corridor is cleaned up, he can start using it again.

"My wife and I would probably walk it again. I used to go, liked to walk down to the tavern down there and get fish fries, and I'd walk instead of driving. Now I drive there," said Errol Schrock.

Schrock is just one of many neighbors who say it's time for these people to find a new place to live.

Some neighbors showed up just to see how everything was going Thursday morning. One of them told Fox 12 that he understands people need a place to stay but the city needs to figure it out.

Neighbor Bob Archer took the day off work to put up tape and watch the #SpringWaterSweep. @fox12oregon— Kandra Kent (@KandraKPTV) September 1, 2016

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