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COUMBIA COUNTY, OR (KPTV) - The latest storm hit Scappoose and St. Helens hard with inches of rain falling in a very brief timespan.

Water levels rose fast but folks in these close-knit communities acted quickly and selflessly to help their neighbors.

Sandbag locations were set up throughout Columbia County and it's there where we found dozens of volunteers, not just packing the bags with sand and loading them, but going as far as to ride to the homes where they were needed and unloading them

Nathan Wallace woke up early on Tuesday immediately driving to a sandbag location on Deer Island Road in St. Helens, not for himself, but for others.

“There's a lot of people that can't do this themselves and they need help desperately,” Wallace said.

Just one example of neighbors helping neighbors.

Even the mayor of St. Helens, Rick Scholl, rolled up his sleeves to shovel sand.

“A bunch of citizens have joined in. They brought us Dutch Brother, chips, sandwiches. They're over there making sandwiches right now. I mean, when stuff like this happens a community comes together,” Mayor Scholl said.

Mayor Scholl said this is the fastest he's seen a flood set in.

Even in 2007 and 1996, he said, the water came down during an extended period of time and while it caused significant damage, cities had more time to respond.

He told FOX 12, crews from public works have been out clearing drains since midnight but water still covered some roads throughout Columbia County.

A slide was even reported on Cornelius Pass Road causing Columbia County Rider Transit to close down one lane as a result.

The rain has been tapering off since mid-afternoon.

Even once it dries out entirely, folks here said they'll have their hands full cleaning up.

Luckily everyone seems more than willing to pitch in.

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