HILLSBORO, OR (KPTV) - While Governor Kate Brown has issued a “stay at home” order for Oregonians, there are still some businesses, which are considered essential and employees must come to work.

One such industry is construction, which must continue even if an employee tests positive for COVID-19.

Tuesday, Intel confirmed a construction worker at the Ronler Acres site has tested positive for COVID-19. Construction will continue at the site.

Millions of Oregonians have been mandated to stay home, but construction workers are among the thousands of employees whose jobs are considered essential and will still go to work. For them, safety is the top priority.

With an employee testing positive for the virus, Hoffman Construction says it’s taking its safety procedures very seriously.

The company says in addition to following CDC guidelines, a person has been designated for each construction site to monitor social distancing. The company is also staggering lunch and other breaks, eliminating large meetings and requiring employees who feel sick to stay at home.

These are all steps that construction employees say are necessary.

“This is temporary. So, this isn’t going to be like the way we do things forever. So, people just got to continue to work with each other,” said Robert Camarillo, the executive secretary for the Oregon State Building Trades Council.

Camarillo says that taking these precautions could add extra time to a job or make things more difficult for a time, but they need to be followed.

“If it’s going to take a little more time or doing something different than we have done, then that’s what people got to understand, that’s what’s going to happen in order for us to be safe,” he said.

Camarillo says it’s also important for employees to do their part and make sure they are following social distancing guidelines from the CDC.

Hoffman Construction says it will be monitoring the effectiveness of their procedures and continuing to change them if needed.

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(3) comments


How is construction considered essential? I understand hospitals but commercial sites?? There is over 100,000 construction worker in Oregon. You can't use social distancing to build. Washington closed it down for safety. We should too!!!!


If Kate Brown was tested she would show positive for rabies.

DB Cooper

I can't believe it but Trump is the only sane one of all our leaders at this point. Kate Brown will do whatever PHARMA wants.

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