SALEM, OR (KPTV) – A controversial Salem salon owner says she was in Washington D.C. for the rally that preceded the deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol building.

Lindsey Graham says she was outside of the Capitol along with thousands of others to protest what she calls without proof a compromised election peacefully.

She says she didn't go into the Capitol building or participate in violence against police officers.

She says the majority of the crowd there was peaceful as well and wishes that the event would have stayed that way.

Salem salon owner plans to reopen her business against governor's coronavirus orders

Glamour salon owner Lindsey Graham (KPTV image)

"From where I stand, I, of course, wish it would have remained peaceful. I wish that Trump supporters were not being called domestic terrorists and being continued to be called racists and violent, we are not," Graham said. "The majority of us are not to call them that based on one rally is completely unfair."

Graham gained notoriety back in May for re-opening her Salem salon in protest of Governor Brown's stay-at-home orders.

She was fined $14,000 and has filed a civil rights lawsuit in response.

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(11) comments

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Gotta live this gal's passion. Anyone who lives anywhere near Salem should support her business. Anyone who responds to Kate Brown's tyranny by hiring an attorney and suing her is a hero in my book.


Good for her.


Is it news that most of the thousands of protesters were shocked to see the vandalism after the many rallies for Trump, that remained peaceful. Despite the leftist agitators surrounding many of the events and attacking attendees.


Yeah, really peaceful. A Capitol cop murdered. Say whatever manure you want, but that never happened in PDX or SEA. tRUMPSTER's murderers on parade.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Excuse me, but facts seem to elude the radical left, as evidenced by your post. Two innocent young people lost their lives in the "Summer of Love" occupied "CHAZ" in Seattle. Jay ACTUAL peaceful conservative counter demonstrator here in Portland was intentionally assassinated in Portland, by an admitted antifa rioter. The low-life that kiIIed Danielson bragged before he did it, that he will be hunting trump supporters, and then he bragged about it again after he did it. Furthermore, one capital police officer died, which is horrible. No one here condones or supports that. One protester was kiIIed; a woman who was a 14 year military veteran, expressing her anger and frustration at those in government who think we work for them, instead of the other way around. The other people who died that day died of medical conditions..likely heart conditions, and those had nothing to do with violence. It's extremely revealing how those on the radical left try to twist the facts. You're nothing but a bunch of drama queens, utilizing double standards and hypocrisy to justify the garbage you pull on the rest of us.


Remember, when its a BLM protest and people start looting, the looters don't represent all of BLM. But when it has anything to do with the right, they're all bad!

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Yep..exactly..if I hear "mostly peaceful" associated with the radical left one more time..I'm gonna hurl.


She's not controversial to me. I agree with her and hope that she wins her lawsuit against Flush-it-down-Brown. [thumbup]

Harry Sack

I stand with the salon owner's, and I bid good day to all the rimjobs working at CNN and MSNBC.


Glad she's a hair stylist and not an English teacher...whew talk about wordsalad.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Not the point.

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