A Corbett man said he shot and killed two cougars after an encounter near his home on East Larch Mountain Road early Tuesday morning.

Dave Callister told FOX 12 he came into contact with the first cougar while walking from his trailer to his truck just after midnight.

"I almost stepped on the tail of the one. And being curious, I looked under the truck and found myself nose to nose with this one. And yelled at him and he hissed at me," said Callister.

Callister said he realized the cougar wasn't going to leave, and since there was a chicken coop about 50 feet away, he went inside and grabbed his gun.

Hoping to scare it, Callister fired two warning shots, but the cougar didn't move. That's when Callister says he went back into his trailer and got his rifle.

"Being that brazen I made the decision that he'd have to be shot. We have kids in the house, neighbor across the street has kids, and so on," Callister said.

He shot the first cougar, and then moments later he saw a second cougar. He told FOX 12 that the second cougar also didn't move or seem phased by his presence or the warning shots. He also shot and killed that cougar.

Callister said he's encountered cougars before, but he's never seen them do anything but scatter when they see a grown man.

"Most of the cats up here have a natural fear of humans, and for it not to budge, even after two shots, not go more than 20 to 30 feet," he said.

Lee King owns the property where the incident happened. He has about 40 chickens, which likely attracted the cougars in the first place, but Lee says he worried more about the cougars attacking his grandchildren.

"What are they going to do if a little kid comes out and starts running from them? They're going to think that's prey. And they're pretty skinny, they're looking for food," said King.

Across the street, Kathleen Payne said she heard the commotion. She says her neighbor was right to kill the cougars, but she was sad about it too.

"Nobody wants to see something viciously killed, but in the same light it saddens me that this has to happen to such beautiful creatures," said Payne.

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office said Callister was not charged because he was protecting livestock on the property.

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