Couples camp out for chance to be married in Portland parks


As the saying goes, love conquers all.

Amid the cold weather, many couples braved the subfreezing temperatures Tuesday morning in order to get permits to be married in Portland’s parks.

Several brides and grooms camped all night along the sidewalk outside the Portland Parks Service Center in downtown Portland.

They say they are waiting in line for the chance to pick the park they would like to be married in, as well as the date.

Lovebirds line up to get permits to be married in Portland Parks. #fox12— Marilyn Deutsch (@marilyndeutsch) January 3, 2017

Every year, couples line up on Jan. 3 in order to reserve their spot. But this year, the pairs are dealing with the coldest temperatures the area has seen in three years.

Mike Burke said he and his fiancé have been waiting in line since 8 p.m. Monday night.

"We're going to do Mt. Tabor, May 6th of this year, obviously," said Burke.

Even with a 16-degree wind chill, many couples said it is worth the wait.

"We really just wanted to get Cathedral Park, and people do sleep out overnight to get it," said groom-to-be John Pavek. "If we want both of those things we kind of had to do it."

The doors of the service center are set to open at 8 a.m.

Portland has about 200 parks and gardens available for weddings. Popular parks include the Rose Garden, Cathedral Park, Mt. Tabor and Peninsula Park.

To learn more about Portland’s parks, visit

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