Court docs: Fake police officer threatened to rape Portland woman, kill her cat

Peter Flis, booking photo. (KPTV & MCSO)

A 16-year old said a homeless man, pretending to be a police officer, broke in his family’s Portland home and threatened him before dumping a bag of trash in his living room.

Court documents state 39-year old Peter Flis then walked inside another home in southeast Portland on 64th Avenue, where he threatened to rape a woman and kill a cat.

“I was so confused, my brain just told me to get him out of here," Dylan Argo, the 16-year-old, said. "I didn’t think about fighting him or running away, I just wanted him to get out."

Argo said the stranger barged into his aunt’s house Wednesday night while he was babysitting his 9-year old cousin.

“The guy bangs on the door, says 'I’m the police' and 'I have a warrant,'" Argo said. "I’m like, there’s no way this guy has a warrant."

Court documents show that the suspect, Flis, is homeless. Witnesses say the man was on a path of destruction.

“He had a big sack, a big garbage sack," Argo said. "He bops me on the nose with a roll of garbage then he says he’s going to break my glasses. He says, 'it’s your trash now kid,' and he leaves."

The man left Argo’s home, but then, witnesses said, he walked inside a second home across the street.

“We basically kept him pinned for about five minutes until the cops showed up,” Joe Adair, a neighbor, said.

Adair said the intruder walked inside his friend’s house while holding a two-by-four. He says the man smashed a guitar hanging on the wall and threatened a woman inside.

“He said, 'take off your pants you’re going to get raped tonight', and, 'I’m going to kill your cat,'” Adair said.

Adair is thankful that everyone is okay, but says the man did some damage inside his friend’s house.

“He hit his guitar and proceeded to slam it against the ground," Adair said. "That was basically his whole motive, he even said he just wanted to break things."

Adair said several roommates were eventually able to tackle the suspect, getting him out of the house. Adair said he helped hold the man down until police arrived.

Records show that Flis was also accused of hitting a woman sitting on a bus in June 2017.

That same month, records also show that he tried to attack two men working on a house in Portland. Documents state that Flis served a few months in jail for that before getting out early.

Now he’s facing new charges including criminal impersonation of a police officer, burglary, harassment, criminal mischief, and unlawful use of a weapon.

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