Court docs: Man on meth cuts other man with throwing knife on Springwater Trail

Roger Yates, booking photo

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Police found a man in a pool of blood near the Springwater Corridor Trail Monday night after they say a stranger randomly stabbed him.

The suspect is in jail and according to court documents, the victim seems to be OK.

From those court papers, FOX 12 learned the victim was actually on his way to his aunt’s house near the trail when he says he was stabbed in the elbow.

Police found him in a driveway. They say he was pale, sweaty, and lying in a growing pool of blood.

They say he had wrapped his shirt around his arm to stop the bleeding and then the officer used a tourniquet.

And based on the description the man gave, 13 minutes later, the Portland Police air unit spotted the suspect from above, and police and a K-9 were able to track him down.

They arrested 39-year-old Roger Yates.

Police found him and a woman hiding under a foot bridge on the Springwater Trail.

According to court documents, Yates initially denied everything but later told officers he was high on meth and had been paranoid for days, that he got scared when he saw the victim and then accidentally cut him with a throwing knife.

FOX 12 spoke with Morgan Landgraf on her nightly walk on the trail. She says she’s not surprised to hear of something like this, but it does make her a little nervous.

“There’s a lot of dodgy characters around here that I tend to just try to ignore on my walks, but you know, you can’t always ignore them because there’s quite a few,” Landgraf said. “It’s definitely concerning especially because I have three small kids who play outside a lot, but you know, there’s not much I can do but keep a close eye on them and hope everything stays calm.”

Yates is now charged with assault II and unlawful use of a weapon.

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Potland is so colorful!

William R

Why not charge attempted murder? I see his tats are prison ready.


Gee, he looks normal enough. :-O


She should take a dog or a big friend when she walks the trail.


Meth. Paranoid. Days. Knife. Growing pool of blood.

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