CLARK COUNTY, WA (KPTV) - Court documents reveal that a man who died in a house fire near Minnehaha, Washington was found tied to a chair.

Clark County detectives are now investigating whether this is a case of arson or homicide.

Neighbors who knew the victim say they couldn’t believe when they heard the new developments.

“It’s a very nice neighborhood, we all look out for each other and we were all just shocked,” said Cheryl Granby.

Granby has lived in the neighborhood for 24 years. She says the victim was her neighbor the entire time.

“He kept a very neat yard and he was meticulous and took care of everything,” Granby said.

The fire happened on Oct. 10 on Northeast 66th. Neighbors said they spotted flames coming from the home around 7 p.m.

“A neighbor said get Cheryl, get out of the house, there’s a fire behind you,” said Granby.

Deputies reported that the man who lived in the house, 75-year-old John McCarty, was found dead.

A search warrant reveals that deputies say McCarty was found tied to a chair. Those documents say that deputies reported finding evidence that ignition fluid may have been used in the house. It said deputies found personal papers that were tossed around the room McCarty died in.

Granby says those details are hard to understand.

“First of all, I was astounded,” Granby said. “Second of all, I was disappointed in that the man seems to have been tortured.”

She says neighbors are hurting for McCarty.

“I’m very sorry," said Granby. "I’m very, very sorry.” 

Detectives say that they have been unable to locate any family of McCarty.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office says it is waiting on the medical examiner’s report and toxicology reports.

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pb sir

"...detectives are investigating whether this is a case of arson or homicide." Um... I'm thinking that this is a case of... both.


Golly! Ya think?

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Family dispute having to do with inheritance, or robbery.

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