Court documents show that a local woman who was murdered this week, had a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, the man deputies said shot her multiple times. However, records also show that the restraining order was never served to the suspect.

Bethany Schuch filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Dave Cote in November of 2017. She wrote that Cote threatened her, saying that her home was “unsafe to stay at, especially (her) bedroom.”

In the request she also wrote that his friends would “destroy (her) life” and that they were getting “out of control” and “wanted to kill” her. She also wrote that Cote said his friends would “come to (her) first date with a new guy and blow his head off.”

Roughly four months after her restraining order was filed, deputies say Cote shot and killed Schuch in West Linn on March 7, before turning the gun on himself.

“It was in their house, him threatening to kill her and himself and the dogs with a knife,” said Crystal Anoushiravani, Schuch’s close friend.

Anoushiravani tells FOX 12 that her best friend did everything she could to protect herself from her disturbed ex-boyfriend. But, she said it wasn’t enough.

"There's nothing that's going to replace her, there’s no other person like her, said Anoushiravani. "He was a very disturbed and a sick human."

Schuch filed the restraining order against Cote on November 13, 2017, about two weeks after they broke up.

"Every day she feared for her safety,” said Anoushiravani.

But now, FOX 12 is learning that Schuch’s restraining order was never served to Cote by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. Although it was granted by a judge, court documents show that the order was never delivered to Cote because he had “moved to an unknown location.”

“If that’s happening, that’s a huge red flag. We should have patrols protecting that person,” said Anoushiravani.

Anoushiravani said even though Schuch filed that restraining order, she still didn’t feel safe. Anoushiravani said her friend moved to a new house, even installed security cameras and hired a private investigator.

“She found out he had a past that she had no idea about, including another restraining order,” said Anoushiravani.

Records show that Cote had already been convicted of stalking and menacing in 2013 after another Oregon woman filed a stalking order.

Court documents from the first stalking case also show disturbing tweets from Cote saying, “If you’ve never contemplated murdering your ex, you’ve never been in a relationship.” He also tweeted a picture of a gun.

“He should never had access to a firearm,” said Anoushiravani.

Anoushiravani told FOX that the system failed her friend.

"There was a pattern of sickness in him," said Anoushiravani.

She said stronger action must be taken for those who make violent threats and have a history of restraining orders and mental illness.

“There needs to be a Bethany rule, something that says, no you're a harm to yourself and society… and you need to be restrained and more thoroughly investigated. I think in her honor it's our duty to try to learn something from this situation,” said Anoushiravani.

FOX 12 contacted the Clackamas County Sheriff’s office to find out more details on why Cote never received that restraining order, but haven’t heard back from them yet.

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