PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - People packed metro-area stores Saturday after the first case of COVID-19 coronavirus was announced in Oregon.

FOX 12 viewers sent in photos showing long lines and some empty store shelves. The hottest selling items appeared to be hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes.

Shoppers were lined up outside Costco in Tigard before the store opened. At the Costco in Wilsonville, shoppers with full carts lined up all the way to back of the store.

The streams of shoppers came on the heels of health officials announcing Friday that a Washington County man who works at Forest Hills Elementary School in Lake Oswego had contracted the virus.

One shopper told FOX 12 the rush for items felt similar to how the metro area reacts to a snow storm, with shoppers trying to stock up on extra things now, in case the situation escalates further.

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Kate Brown is increasing the panic and fear by saying the feds aren't cooperating with her and not giving her what she demands, insinuating that we're at greater risk - in her opinion. Should we really be fearful based on Kate's 'professional' opinion?

Sun Tzu

'COVID-19 coronavirus case in Oregon leads to long lines at local stores' Weird. No long lines at Winco.


I could see the panic in the grocery store today, people need to calm down. Seriously it's a virus, yes the people that are more susceptible need to take precautions, ie elderly, people with low immune systems etc. If you are reasonably healthy and on the off chance contract this virus, you will be better once it runs it's course in a week or so. This is not from me but from my Dr friends. Wash your hands with soap and hot water and take normal precautions. Don't panic, hand sanitizer is a scam and waste of time and money and is overused in society, we are supposed to get sick now and then, that's what builds up your immunities. It's not normal or smart to kill all the germs all the time

The Fed

According to the CDC website influenza deaths in the US are 2.0 per 100,000 population, or 0.002%. I've seen as high as 0.01% death rate in the US for flu. The new corona virus, the CDC says it estimates about 2.3%. Some death rates in China are as high as 7%. This varies greatly based on age, so the death rate for children could be very low, no one knows yet. And many cases are unreported so the death rate might be lower than 2.3%. But the current world population is 7,760,000 people about, and say just 10% of those people get this new corona, that's still a lot of people dying. And you're right, a lot of people die each year from the flu. So now we might have the flu deaths and the corona deaths every year. Again no one knows yet. SARS was completely wiped out in 2004 and has not come back. But SARS had a very short incubation period. This new bug is tricky with longer incubation periods. In 2018-2019 52,664 people died from the flu in the US according to CDC. So add corona with it's much higher death rate. If corona becomes widespread and something we have every year, it will change the US and how we live moving forward.

Husky Loyalist

This is crazy. To think 5,000 Americans have die so far this year from the regular flu and no panic but one death in Oregon everybody goes nuts. Stop listening to the media hoopla. Just do what you would do prevent the regular flu.


Seems like some hyped-up over reaction. Craziness!


Well, the media has been spending all week whipping people into a panic so what did you expect would happen?

Husky Loyalist

Between 2017 and 2018, 60,000 Americans died from the flu and hardly any mention by the media and certainly no panic. We have one death of this form of flu and everybody is panicked. Need a littler perspective.

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