PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Monday canceled all gatherings and events of more than 25 people in the state due to COVID-19.

The executive order will be in place starting Tuesday for at least four weeks.

“Essential Locations” including workplaces, grocery stores, pharmacies and retail stores are exempt from the order.

However, restaurants and bars, as well as any businesses that offer food or beverages, are now restricted to carry-out and delivery only, with no on-site consumption permitted, according to Brown.

Food service will continue at hospitals, workplaces and other essential facilities.

Gov Kate Brown press conference

Image: KPTV

Businesses who don’t comply with the order will be subject to a class-C misdemeanor.

Earlier Monday, President Donald Trump advised that people not gather in groups of more than 10 people due to the coronavirus pandemic. Brown also urged Oregonians to avoid gatherings of more than 10 people, when possible.

Brown addressed prior school closures statewide, along with Monday’s announcements, in saying, “Isolation from our friends and neighbors is the only way to flatten the curve of transmission and get Oregon through to the other side.”

All schools were closed last week through the end of March. On Monday, Brown said that decision will be re-evaluated in the coming days, to determine if the closure needs to be extended.

Oregon Health Authority Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dana Hargunani said if extreme measures aren’t taken, as many as 75,000 Oregonians could contract COVID-19 by May.

The OHA reported eight new cases in the state Monday, bringing the total to 47. 

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COVID-19 cases are expected to double in Oregon every 6.2 days, according to projections. Of those infected, around 20 percent will require hospitalization, according to Hargunani.

Health officials said 1,000 new hospital beds will be needed in the state, along with 400 additional ICU beds.

All major hospitals in the Portland metro area are uniting to form a regional health system to implement a coordinated approach to COVID-19 emergency response. 

Hargunani said the measures being put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are “necessary, urgent and justified.”

Brown asked other businesses not included in her executive order to evaluate whether they can provide the equivalent of takeout.

“If you cannot, I strongly urge you to close your doors to customers temporarily,” Brown said.


When asked about closing Oregon’s borders, Brown said it is not necessary at this time, but stressed everything is fluid and all available options will continue to be on the table to stop the spread.

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(15) comments

Frederick Fukov

The former Clerk who looks like a cross between Olive Oyl and Pippi Longstocking on heroin, and who ascended to her throne by plunging one deep into Kitzhaber's back, is over her skis. She has ZERO authority to do this. Good luck enforcing it.

Frederick Fukov

So what if these places decide to turn their business into a "private club?" They charge a $2.00 "membership fee," and then they make their own rules. I guarantee you the Elks Lodges aren't shutting down.


Just like Utah. They have lots of private clubs. The locals buy long term memberships, but for those just passing though you can buy a one night membership for just a dollar, or three.

Frederick Fukov

Exactly. I'd do the same thing here, and I'd tell that obnoxious funt to go pound the sahara.

Sun Tzu

Look at the mayor of Champagne Illinois. She went full blown tyrant with her 'executive order.'


So because the economy isn't crashing and you've run out of things to blame on the President, you'll deliberately crash the economy and then blame him, right? Because if you are watching big media, this is exactly what's happening. This virus in the U.S. has killed exactly 70 people as of this morning. Out of 320,000,000. H1N1 (under Obama) killed over 12,000 and where was your panic then?

Sun Tzu

It was because BHO was oh just so perfect and because he was a media darling, they would never ever print or say anything bad about him.


How come no one is addressing the public transportation issue? All the people getting on and off busses and Tri-Met trains surely also are a source of virus transmission! Why is nothing being doe to address that vector???? C'mon media, check that out and report!

Husky Loyalist

Can somebody cite the state statute that give her the authority to do this? In her pronouncements she never cites what gives her the authority to do this.


It sounds like brownshirt is invoking martial law.

Frederick Fukov

What gives her the authority to stop executions, and then to change the language so more murderers will eventually be back out among the public?


The public is so easily deceived by this smoke screen


The “Governor” needs to find a big cup of hot chocolate to jump into with the rest of the marshmallows.


Enough already! You'd think the world was coming to an end. The debacle with The Donald came to an end, and right on its heels came this little event. Our physician wrote to all his clients telling us that this is being way overblown. In a country of 350,000,000, and we have 1,000 cases, why is this a big deal? We have more than that with the flu. And since when does Kate Brown have any authority at all to shut down businesses? She doesn't. But of course she doesn't care if people lose their jobs and nothing gets done. More of her unwarranted overreach and intrusion. Get on with your lives, people. I am, and I'm not worrying about whether I catch this bug. This too shall pass, a lot sooner than predicted is my thought.


Interesting interview about the virus. This fella thinks shutting down our schools isn't a good idea. He may have a point. Here's the link...https://youtu.be/cZFhjMQrVts

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